Upcoming iPhone Name Speculations: iPhone Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition

Apple's next iPhone might make its debut a few weeks from now. While Apple iPhone 8 rumors have been accelerating in the last few weeks, tech pundits still are going back and forth over whether the "iPhone 8" will even be the name of the upcoming flagship or is there any other name that Apple might call the next iPhone.

Thanks to the recently launched HomePod firmware leak, which generated generous giveaways on the forthcoming specs and features of Apple's latest smartphone. The iPhone 8, according to the firmware leak, will be an all-new smartphone with almost no-bezel design and would fit a Plus-size OLED screen into a standard iPhone-sized body. Supposedly, Apple even drops the Touch ID home button in place of facial recognition.

Apart from the upcoming iPhone's design, features and specs, there are a lot of speculations on what will the upcoming high-end iPhone be called.  There's zero definitive information, so it can only be guessed based on speculations.

Apple might name its upcoming iPhone as "iPhone 8" since it's the No. 1 "new iPhone" term on Google Trends. According to Daring Fire Ball, Apple pundit John Gruber suggests that 3 new iPhones could get some form of the "iPhone 8" moniker if the lower-end S models offer a surprise design overhaul as well.

Another speculation is "iPhone Pro" as this nomenclature might bring the iPhone line into a degree of symmetry with Apple's laptop and iPad lines. MacBook, MacBook Pro. iPad, iPad Pro. iPhone, iPhone Pro, as reported by CNET. However, "iPhone Pro" will be the first-ever use of that name and the Pro designation as "king of the hill" would line up with everyone's general understanding of Apple's product lines.

Alternately, teeing off the iPhone X/10 idea above, some think Apple might go with something like "iPhone Anniversary Edition." However, some speculations also suggest that Apple could opt for stripping things back down to ultimate simplicity. Likewise, the iPad Air 2 was replaced by "iPad," so upcoming iPhone could simply be called as "iPhone."

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