Apple Watch 3's LTE Sim Support Might Not Be Able To Make Phone Calls

The much hyped Apple Watch 3 is set to launch this fall with LTE support for the first time. However, the latest report shows that the wearable device is unlikely to support phone calls.

A recent forecast from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities suggesting a third-generation of Apple Watch will come with an embedded electronic LTE sim in some models is well-known. However, according to the latest statement from Kuo suggests that LTE support will not make the Apple watch a phone.

According to Kuo, while a voice service that replaces the iPhone's calling functionality is feasible, he claims that Apple must first work on improving the "user experience of data transmission." As a result of the Apple Watch probably won't support traditional phone calls, as reported by MacRumors.

The Watch 3 is going to have LTE sim but unfortunately, it will not turn the Watch into a phone. KGI had already predicted that the e-sim would be LTE, not 3G, which limits the markets that can use it.

Even though it will not support phone calls on cellular LTE network, Apple Watch 3 will support VoIP with LTE signals to do calls via Skype, Facebook, What's App, FaceTime etc. The FaceTime audio calling is already supported on current Apple Watch models, as reported by Forbes.

Rumors have already claimed that the major carriers in the United States, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, will support and sell the upcoming LTE Apple Watch 3.  However, Apple is currently involved in an ongoing patent dispute with Qualcomm; Kuo suggests that Apple will use Qualcomm chips in the Apple Watch because Qualcomm's technology is superior as compared to Intel's with smaller chips that consume less power. 

Kuo has also predicted that Apple has no intention of developing an Android app for the Apple Watch at this time. The third-generation Apple Watch is said to be launched in September alongside new iPhones. 

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