GTA 5 Online: Top Hidden and Secret Features of Smuggler’s Run DLC revealed

Rockstar Games recently rolled out the long-awaited Smuggler's Run DLC for GTA Online while the internet is abuzz with news of secret features hidden inside the latest update for GTA 5.

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has showcased the fifteen best features that you must be aware of with the Smuggler's Run DLC via his latest gameplay video. Here is the rundown of the top features in Smuggler's Run DLC that you cannot miss:

Tip #1: New Interaction Menu Feature

A new interaction menu feature has been added in the latest DLC, which allows users to spawn a personal aircraft in front of their in-game character in GTA Online. Note: On most occasions, the aircraft will spawn on the nearest runway or halfway across the map or you may have to cross a specific area to find it.

The catch here is that you will not be able to summon any other personal vehicle after spawning the aircraft, as the game has been designed that way.

However, as Ross explains, there is an easier way to make the aircraft spawn right in front of you. Here is what you should do:

Just ensure that you have loaded up a job from Gerald, Simon or Martin on your phone. Now, once your vehicle has been summoned to a specific location, just go to your phone and select one of those jobs and load it up on your in-game phone menu.

Once you are in the menu, just force quit the job. Consequently, your character will now respawn at the last known location in the same lobby. However, the aircraft should now respawn right in front of you.

You can now take off on your plane without actually worrying about finding another personal vehicle.

Tip #2: Trick to Enable Auto-Pilot mode

Whenever you are using an aircraft with the ability to drop bombs, you just have to switch over to the bombing camera (camera angle facing the underside of the plane) in order to trigger the auto-pilot mode. The auto-pilot mode ensures that your plane evades crashing into the buildings automatically, while you are busy firing the bombs at designated targets in the game.

Once you are done bombing the targets and you switch the camera mode back to normal, you will regain full control of the aircraft for manual steering.

Tip #3: LF-22 Starling Bomber

When you exhaust the boosting mechanism on the Starling plane, it does not have a backup option to propel itself. The only way this plane can fly is using the rocket boost.

Consequently, you need to allow some time for the plane to recharge its boosting levels. The catch here is: when you allow the plane's wheels to touch the ground, the boost feature will regenerate about 10 times faster than while flying.

You must beware that landing the Starling plane is quite a challenge, as it bobs up and down until you regain the balance when the wheels are touching the ground. You will need to give it at least 5 to 10 seconds for the boost recharge to kick in and you are good to start flying again.

Tip #4: Using Flares and Counter Measures on Planes

Rockstar Games has recently introduced the new Flares and Counter Measures feature in Smuggler's Run DLC. Along similar lines (when you are on foot), you could use a Flare Gun as a counter measure against incoming rockets or guided missiles that are targeted at you.

The trick here is to fire a flare in the direction of the missile and allow it to track the flare's heat signature. So, it's a great way to protect your in-game character from guided missiles and rockets in GTA Online.

The same trick can be used when you are in the passenger seat of a Buzzard and looking to evade the incoming missiles. Just keep shooting some flares out of the window and you will notice how these flares easily attract guided missiles towards them like some magnet.

The flare trick also works when you are flying some larger planes like the Mammoth Tula, which supports a few passenger seats that will come in handy while defending your plane from enemy fire.

Tip #5: Customisable Paint Jobs for Planes

Pearlescent paint colours are now available at your fingertips when you think of customising the paint job for your favourite plane in the game. It works similar to the options available via Los Santos Customs shop for your land vehicles.

Basically, just put any paint other than metallic on your plane and then click on metallic. Then just back out and change some upgradeable parts (flip it back and forth) on the plane such as drop tanks or other customisation options.  

Now, if you go back to the paint options, you should be able to apply the pearlescent colour on the plane with either of matte, metal or classic options. You can thereby create some epic pearlescent combinations for your next paint job.

Tip #6: Dropping Packages off Mid-Air from Planes

You can also drop packages off mid-air from the plane, just above the hangar or right into the ear-marked location to deliver it. So, you won't be risking a landing in tight spots like crowded runways filled with rival players or enemy patrols.

Although you can save your plane from enemy threats, this trick will put your package at risk as it can be shot down by rival players or captured by enemies during a mission. So, you need to time the drops accurately when no enemies are in range as the package comes down rather slowly with the help of a parachute.

Note: When you hover right above the designated drop off location, you will see an indicator on your plane. At this moment, hit Right on the D-Pad to trigger the cargo drop from your plane.

Tip #7: Dodo Livery Trick and Secret Lighting Options in Hangars

The Dodo and the Shimao planes can use a crafty little Livery trick when they are parked inside a hangar. You can customise the look of your plane within the safety of a hangar by changing the livery colour or design.

The Dodo is a free seaplane and it makes absolute sense to have some custom livery options.

One can also customise the secret lighting options inside the hangar by purchasing a few upgrades via Maze Bank's Properties section.

Among other secret features, check out the new tinted windows for CEO vehicles, Rockstar leaked tunables vehicles and more in Ross' intriguing gameplay video below:

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