Resident Evil 7’s Upcoming DLC Release Details and Spoilers Revealed

Capcom has announced that a couple of new DLCs are coming to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (RE7) along with the game's Gold Edition on December 12.

The delayed episode titled 'Not A Hero' and a new episode called 'End of Zoe' are expected to release on the same day, wherein the former will be free while the latter costs $14.99 without the season pass. In other words, the Zoe DLC pack will be free for all season pass holders and it will give a proper closure to Zoe's story in RE7.

On the contrary, Resident Evil 7: Not a Hero will feature the series veteran Chris Redfield showcasing his deeper roots with Umbrella. In RE7, Redfield is seen rushing in with the Umbrella soldiers, before terminating zombies and cleaning up the remains of Eveline.

If you made the right choices for RE7's Good Ending, Chris should end up saving both Ethan and Mia at the end and thereby leaving the door open for the closure of Zoe's untold story.  

Spoilers Ahead

According to Polygon, Zoe's DLC will be a significant one as it will introduce players to new enemies at the Baker compound, besides concluding Zoe's story and throwing in a brand new location set amidst a swamp-filled area.

Zoe is likely to wield some weaponry in the conclusive episode 'End of Zoe', given the nature of the series so far. Ethan, Mia and Chris Redfield have all enjoyed the arsenal of weapons at their disposal throughout the series, while Zoe is also seen helping Ethan find some equipment to defend himself in the fight against her father, Jack.

Resident Evil 7 players who achieved the Good Ending will get to see Zoe standing at the docks after the death of her father. In the bad ending, Eveline kills Zoe when Ethan attempts to help the latter escape.

Consequently, it is being speculated that the storyline of Zoe's new DLC might precede the events before Eveline captured Ethan and Mia tried rescuing him. In other words, the DLC highlights the survival challenges faced by Zoe in the aftermath of the events from RE7's good ending.

The 'End of Zoe' DLC actually relives those nostalgic moments when Zoe and her father are caught inside the storage house which is on fire. It also clarifies the conclusive part by revealing if she really escaped the fire and made it out of the swamp area after Jack's death.

Nevertheless, avid fans of Resident Evil franchise may grab the Gold Edition of RE7 on PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on December 12. This special edition also comes bundled with DLC packs including Banned Footage Vol.1, Banned Footage Vol. 2, Not A Hero and End of Zoe.


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