Leaked Foxconn Presentation Reveals Rear Touch ID Relocation on iPhone 8 in EVT2 [Video]

The recently leaked Foxconn presentation video suggests that Apple could have been testing a rear-facing Touch ID sensor on the forthcoming iPhone 8 Prototype, before deciding to abandon the idea.

According to the leaked presentation slides shared by prolific tipster Benjamin Geskin, it is evident that the 2017 flagship iPhone was earlier codenamed as 'Cyclops'. The slides have been sourced from the Chinese website Baidu, which has a reputed track record for leaking Apple product designs ahead of their impending launch events.   

It is still unclear why the slides were presented in English, despite the origin of the leak being traced back to China. Speculation is rife that some westerners could have attended the associated meeting and probably asked for the information in English.

It is learnt that the Touch ID sensor carried the codename 'Mesa', while the text snippets pertaining to the Project Cyclops were invariably pointing to the 'Rear Touch ID Relocation' concept as well as another text message: "Cyclops DVT Kick-off delayed to fixture work for Mesa cutout relocation and water ingress blocking issue."

It is further reported that Foxconn delayed the move to ramp up its iPhone 8 unit-production levels until August, owing to a few such technical constraints concerning the Touch ID relocation. This seems to be consistent with earlier claims about a delayed assembling of iPhone 8 components in the run up to its September launch.

Traditionally, Apple has always begun its iPhone component assembling activity before the July end to ensure the availability of a good number of launch units.

Although the 'Mesa' codename was initially spotted in a Weibo video that showcases iPhone prototypes with rear-facing Touch ID, the latest reports indicate that Apple will be substituting Touch ID with 3D facial recognition.

Nevertheless, it is deemed that the leaked video could turn out to be a fake as it does not reveal any alternatives for the abandoned Touch ID concept. The lack of physical Home button and facial recognition tool on the next-gen flagship iPhone (as seen in the slides) actually strengthens the claim that it is a fake.

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