Galaxy Note 8 Survives JerryRigEverything’s Torture Test with Aplomb

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 promises to be a formidable challenger to Apple's forthcoming flagship 'iPhone Edition', given its power-packed features and hardware configuration. Given its expensive price tag, power-hungry users would be craving to explore its potential in a series of durability tests from a reputed YouTuber such as JerryRigEverything.

Quite surprisingly, the Note 8 exhibits remarkable endurance just like its little sibling, the Galaxy S8, in all the torture tests that one can think of. Note 8 can withstand scratches up to Moh's level 6 hardness while using a razor blade for scraping its surface.

Thanks to Gorilla Glass 5 reinforcement on the front-facing camera, sensors, and the glass back panel, the Note 8 is well-protected on all sides. The metal earpiece is quite sturdy while the S Pen's functionality remains intact even after scratches appear, as it works seamlessly and won't get stuck in the phone when inserted backwards.

Scratches do appear on the glass surface when subjected to Level 6 Torture Test with a sharp razor blade and the Gorilla Glass surface is quite vulnerable to fingerprints. Also, the fingerprint sensor will eventually show up with scratches, but it can still read and register fingerprints flawlessly.

Finally, we can see the phone being subjected to JerryRigEverything's trademark flame test wherein the screen does take a lot of damage within a few seconds. Coming to the bend test, the Galaxy Note 8 survives extreme torture and shows no signs of any bend when hit with hard objects.

Galaxy Note 8 could easily benefit with the addition of a case and screen guard as it will prevent those scratches and smears on its glass surface.

If you are still unconvinced, check out how durable your Galaxy Note 8 could be when you finally decide to buy one in the next few days:

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