Google Pixel Users on Oreo Complain of Unexpected Mobile Data Shutdown

Google has barely started rolling out its latest Android 8.0 Oreo update to Nexus and Pixel devices while several Pixel users are already complaining of unexpected mobile-data shutdown on their devices after installing the new update. It is learnt that the new Oreo update has some inherent bugs which is causing the phone to shutdown mobile data abruptly on some carriers.

As reports of mobile-data connectivity bugs in Android Oreo started making waves on Google Product forums, a Pixel community manager named 'Orrin' posted a positive response suggesting that Google is already working on a fix for this issue.

It is learnt that all affected devices are throwing up a notification to the user saying that the mobile data has run out and they need to visit their carrier website. It seems the notification is giving out a false alert even though the user has not used up the full data bandwidth available to his device.

Furthermore, several affected users have confirmed that the issue did not exist before upgrading to Android Oreo. The reports also confirm that some carriers are offering unlimited data access to certain apps like WhatsApp, and even these apps have stopped working due to the bug which may be related to the zero-rating issue for specific apps.

The catch here is that the bug is somehow connected to the carrier permissions set for certain apps from accessing their network in select countries like Romania, Indonesia and Honduras. As Google is yet to offer a fix for the problem, we could try restoring or flashing an older Android firmware as a workaround for this issue.

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