Destiny 2: Empty Chests and Materials Soft Cap Bug, How to Fix

Destiny 2 gamers have recently been plagued with a weird bug or glitch resulting in empty chests or materials while using the farming strategy. Nevertheless, Reddit user 'MilitaryThyme' has posted the full details of the bug along with the possible list of fixes.

Here's How the Bug Works

 Whenever you open too many chests and materials in a short sopan of time as part of your farming strategy in Destiny 2, the Soft Cap glitch kicks in and blocks you from receiving more chests and materials during the cooldown period.

How to Fix the Soft Cap Bug in Destiny 2

As the Redditor reports in his recent post, you just need to wait up to four or five minutes for the cooldown timer to reset the Soft Cap, before you can start farming more chests and materials in the game.

Here's what the Redditor wrote while explaining the Soft Cap bug to his fellow gamers on the social media site:

"You can ONLY pull 5 chests within 5 minutes. With each pull being about a minute apart. If you go over this limit a silent debuff will be put on you and your fireteam not allowing you to gain tokens from chests for 5 minutes. Instead, you will only gain glimmer or nothing at all."

The Redditor has also mentioned five key points to keep in mind when you encounter a Soft Cap issue in Destiny 2:

  •  Public event chests, high value target chests, patrol completions, all other chests that come from killing enemies DO NOT count towards the silent debuff.
  •  EDIT: Users are reporting that Cayde's stash chests and regional chests are affected by this as well.
  •  You can pull 2 chests inside a minute, but if you do it too quickly (less than 15 seconds) it will not give you a token/material and will count as a pull toward your total.
  •  You can only pull 4 chests within 3 minutes, the 5th one will not pull anything, it will not give you a debuff.
  •  The debuff stays with you to different zones even through fast travel, i don't know if it stays with you to different planets.

MilitaryThyme has also listed a few intuitive steps to avert the Soft Cap Farming Bug in Destiny 2:

Step 1: Get Cayde's scout report for that planet, pull 4 chests quickly or 5 chests at a moderate pace.

Step 2: Do a patrol, public event, or a high-value target kill.

Step 3: Then by that time you have used up the 5 minutes from the first chest pull and can start a new set of chests.

Step 4: If you are in a fire team run together for the chests and split up for the patrols, have one dedicated person on a timer to keep track of the 5-minute sets, and call out what you pull so you can keep track of it and not get the debuff.

Earlier, a similar bug was discovered in Destiny: The Taken King and the video below showcases how the bug manifested when the YouTuber tried farming Helium Fragments on Moon Patrol:

[Source: Reddit]

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