iPhone X and iPhone 8 Fast Charging Feature Comes at a Price

The advent of iPhone X and iPhone 8 has finally brought some reprieve to power-hungry iOS users who would love to charge their devices on the go. The latest flagship iPhones are now capable of wireless charging, besides supporting the new quick charge feature.

The new charging feature enables iPhone X/iPhone 8 users to quick charge their device from 0-50 percent in 30 minutes flat. This feat is possible using Apple's new USB Power Delivery specification that brings fast charging capabilities to the new phones.

Fast charging capabilities are extended beyond the latest iPhones to the recently released 12.9-inch iPad Pro wherein a fully depleted battery can reach 50 percent charge within half-an-hour using the Qi wireless' quick-charging technology.

Unfortunately, these advance charging features come at an additional price as you need to purchase Apple's in-house Lightning to USB-C cable along with a USB-C power delivery compatible wall brick to achieve the desired results.  None of these accessories are shipped with the flagship handsets and they do not include a wireless charger either.

The only charging accessory that's shipped with an iPhone X and iPhone 8 is Apple's standard charger, which supports a power rating of just 1A (for regular charging speed). However, if you want to buy a stronger version of the regular charger with a power-rating of 2.1A then you need to shell out extra while the Apple USB-C cable costs you another $25.

Consequently, the cost of using the new quick charge technology will come up to $74, including the cost of USB-C cable ($25) and the cheapest USB-C charger ($49 for a 29W variant).

We just hope that the USB-C charger prices go down when Apple franchises these accessories to a third-party vendor for large-scale production.

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