GTA 5 Online DLC: Why New 'Vigilante' Supercar is a Must Buy

A brand new DLC supercar known as 'Vigilante' is all set to make its way into GTA Online in the next few weeks as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) sheds some light on the special features of the car in his latest gameplay video.

The design and looks of the Vigilante supercar is based on the Batman car from the popular movie franchise and this has surprised many GTA fans. It is unclear how a Batman themed vehicle would fit into the gameplay mechanics of GTA 5 or be a value addition to the existing lineup of cars unless we are talking about die-hard Batman fans.

The Vigilante supercar undoubtedly boasts of stunning looks and uncanny capabilities on the road as it can simply wade through the traffic; thanks to its formula-1 frontal design that helps in dislodging oncoming cars out of its way.

Meanwhile, prolific tipster Funmw2 (aka @TezFunz2) has suggested in his recent tweet that you could rather be using the Vigilante during Heists, as you are not permitted to use APC, Rocket Voltic, or Oppressor during these missions in GTA Online.

The Vigilante is the only vehicle with weaponized upgrades that can be used during Heist missions. So, it makes perfect sense to fully-upgrade your Vigilante with machine guns and missile launcher upgrades through the Mobile Operation Center, before you embark on your Heist missions in the game.

As Ross explains, if the Vigilante will be available for Heists, then it can also be used during contact missions to help accomplish your mission objectives with ease.

Rockstar Games has neither revealed nor hinted at any of these super cool features of the Vigilante. But, it has a downside wherein you are required to refill the explosive aka missile ammo every time after firing 30 rockets in free mode.

On the contrary, it is not known if the missions or Heists would support unlimited explosive ammo on this vehicle as suggested by Funmw2 in another recent tweet.

Ross has, however, confirmed in his recent session with his friend that you could indeed fire unlimited rockets or missiles from the Vigilante during any Heist or contact mission in GTA Online.

In contrast, the Ruiner 2000 can only fire up to 8 missiles before you are required to refill at the nearest garage. Consequently, the Vigilante seems to be the best buy among the upcoming DLC vehicles in the game, given its super-fast acceleration and the assortment of powerful weapon upgrades in its arsenal.

Funmw2 has also confirmed via GTA Forums that the Vigilante will be getting a couple of interesting tweaks such as increased ramming force and bulletproof glass, during Heists or contact missions.

Coming to the explosion resistance capability of the vehicle, the Vigilante really disappoints on this count as it explodes with just one hit from a rocket or missile launcher.

Contrary to the claims made by Funmw2, the bulletproof glass does not currently endure more than a couple of shots at close range and the windshield seems to get easily shattered when fired at point-blank range with an assault gun or a rifle.

It is now learnt that the flags set up in the leaked game code could actually mean that Rockstar Games might enable these features once it releases the next Tunables update over the next few days.

The Rocket Thruster at the back of Vigilante could be your secret weapon as it can send objects and pedestrians flying across the streets or launching high into the sky, whenever they are standing or walking behind your vehicle and you suddenly press the thruster button.

The Vigilante also has some caveats wherein it struggles to climb up the roadside platforms or footpaths, owing to its extremely low profile on the front. It is expected to hit the game some time during Halloween in October going by its Batman theme, although there is no official confirmation from Rockstar.

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