mSpy: The Spy Mate For Parents

As technology gains more prominence in our lives, gadgets have begun to rule our lives, and in the present times, the most ubiquitous gadget that has gotten everyone's eyes glued to its face is the smartphone. The small handheld device is everywhere, in every next hand, and though it is a great servant, it can turn out to be a terrible master if it starts controlling our lives.

It is highly dangerous to leave children unmonitored, as they are prone to cybercrime and harassment. Children's safety is a pressing concern for parents, and they look for parental control apps to keep tabs on the activities of their wards to nip untoward accidents in the bud. For such parents, mSpy is an effective phone tracker and monitoring app that will give them the necessary control without letting them come across as obtrusive or nagging.

A To Z monitoring

mSpy has been developed after thorough study of online abuse children face on account of being active on the internet and using the different apps and social media platforms. The developers have devised it as a foolproof tool to keep them safe from predators and abusers, no matter which form or forum they undertake to trap their victims.

This parental control app offers tip-to-toe tracking, covering everything from the messaging apps to call logs and internet activity. The parent stays informed about every conversation the child is having on their phone through social media apps. They can read all the messages their children have sent and received on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other apps.

This way they can easily find out if their child is communicating with a bully or a predator. With the Keylogger feature, the parents can find out if their child shares private information in messages. It alerts the parent when the child searches for inappropriate content.

The sent/received/deleted text massages as well as their time and data are also available for scrutiny. The parents get to view the full chronological log of all the calls along with their time and duration. The contacts and phone numbers are completely accessible, and if one finds any dubious or doubtful contact, they can be blocked from contacting the child.

mSpy helps the parents stay in touch with the child when the latter is away from their eyes. This is done through the GPS feature, which keeps them up to date with the whereabouts and route history of the child. One can identify the location even when regular GPS is unavailable and set virtual zones such as home and school to receive alerts whenever the child moves in or out of these zones. The photos/videos downloaded on the child's device and saved therein are accessible as well. Most importantly, one gets hold over the URLs the child has accessed - browsing history, bookmarks, etc. - which keeps the parent informed about the child's full profile as an internet user.

Convenience Of Operation

mSpy ensures full control of the parent over the phone and tablet of the child, and it does so in the easiest possible manner. One only has to buy a subscription and install the app which is again an easy process. Whether Android or iOS or Windows, it works out of the box with every software, and once installed, one can log in to the control panel and monitor every online activity of the child that one wishes to track. Rock solid, it cannot be detected or deleted by any antivirus.

In case of any hiccup, the multi-language customer support is always available. What is more, one gets regular alerts about the new features and updates, which keeps one at the forefront at all stages of tracking. With mSpy, one does not have to spend hours scanning every detail because every detail is present at the stroke of the fingertips with comprehensive reports adding to the scrutiny, which one can use to get insights and clearer interpretations.

Given the subscription fee of the mSpy, it is a very minuscule price for parents to pay in exchange for the safety of their child. It would protect the child against all types of threats and abuses, giving the parents complete peace of mind while never letting the child feel that their privacy is being intruded.

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