What Makes Landing Pages Stand Out of the Crowd?

By Eric Hamilton , Jul 20, 2019 03:44 PM EDT

The concept of landing pages has been all the rage for a few years now and the end of its glory is still nowhere to be seen. In digital business world it is an absolute must and the Landingi platform knows all about it. But before we get to them first let's take a look at the landing pages concept itself.

To put it simply: a landing page is a standalone website used for marketing purposes. It is where potential customers land when they first reach a business site. And it happens after they click on Google AdWords or any other advertising campaign.

What makes landing pages stand out of the crowd?

Landing pages have become very popular as they are both simple and extremely efficient.

They can be used for:

  •  generating valuable leads (visitors sign up for a newsletter, free trials or coupons)
  •  increasing sales
  •  attracting more visitors to business sites
  •  obtaining useful information for targeting purposes
  •  reinforcing trust and understanding both the business and the brand

Landing pages are often confused with squeeze pages but they are not exactly the same. The most important goal of a landing page are conversions. And, on the other hand, a squeeze page focuses simply on getting names and email addresses. It, sort of, makes a squeeze page a simple and less complex type of a landing page with one very specific goal. However, landing pages can be about many more things (such as selling for example).

In order to be state-of-the-art, a landing page has to be well-designed and not lacking any essential elements such as:

  •  heading - catchy, concise and attention-grabbing,
  •  subheading - underlying the heading a little bit longer that the heading,
  •  Call-To-Action (CTA) - making visitor purchase, sign up for trial or newsletter,
  •  defined benefits,
  •  lead generation software - as a form which collects data from the visitors.

For beginners in landing pages creation it is advisable to use landing page builder, which can be found, for example, on The landing page creator guide users smoothly through the whole landing page building process and makes it effortless and easy.   

The best features of the Landingi platform

The Landingi platform is a truly good example of a landing page builder providing a high quality. The simple and neat structure of the site makes it intuitive and easy to navigate. It is honest and straightforward as right from the beginning you know what it is about and what you can use it for (building, analyzing and optimizing landing pages).

The landing page generator on Landingi has a lot of useful features that make a landing page expert out of a newbie. You can find all of them listed on features site. However, the most important ones are 'drag and drop' function and device design. With the first one you are able to create a beautiful landing page without any programming or designing skills. With the latter you are able to check if your landing page looks neat on computers, tablets and mobiles what is crucial for any business success in the era of smartphones. Also, you have a wide choice as you can choose from more than 200 templates.

Landingi Plans and Pricing

On the Landingi platform there are plans both for businesses and agencies. Every plan includes unlimited landing pages creations, custom domains, visitors and account users, drag and drop menu described earlier, free domain SSL and technical support . For businesses there are 4 options (for agencies 3) to choose out from and pick the one most suitable. See the pricing site, when they all are described in details.

The most popular among business plans is the Create one for $45 but there is a possibility of purchasing the Core one just for $29. When it comes to agencies the Agency plan for $149 per month turns out to be most likable. Landingi with an Google adwords agencies will make a deadly maketing combination. 

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