Tech and Dating: 5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Dating Scene

By Eric Hamilton , Jul 25, 2019 01:28 PM EDT

Technology has invaded much of our daily lives, it's no surprise that the dating scene has been affected, too. Here are 5 ways tech has changed how we date.

In the past, whenever we wanted to meet someone new to date, we often schlep our ways to whatever venue is most popular with the singles at that time. However, with more and more people being glued to their smartphones, trying to approach someone and have a decent conversation is pretty damn difficult. But with that said, technology has made dating a lot easier for many people, thanks to the growing popularity of dating sites and apps. 

Today, we are going to break down five ways technology has changed how people connect and date. 

1. Speedy Communication

Back in the day, people would rely on the postal service to deliver love letters and photographs to their beloved. Sometimes this would take days, weeks, and even months in some cases! Thankfully, the internet and text messaging can deliver your saucy love notes and risque photos within a matter of seconds! 

Not only will communication be quicker, you can use SnapChat or other similar features which will delete your messages and videos within a certain amount of time. That means you never have to worry about your naughty photos aren't laying around for unintended viewing. Of course, it's worth noting that you should only send risque photos to someone you trust because screen captures are still a thing.

2. Long-Distance Relationships Aren't So Difficult

Before technology, being in a long-distance relationship was pretty rough and keeping in touch was equally as challenging because the postal service isn't always on top of their game. Not only does tech provide couples with a quick and easy way to communicate with their loved ones, couples can see each other, too. 

When you use video messaging, FaceTime, SnapChat and other similar applications, you'll be able to see each other. While their presence is still absent, at least you can see their smile in real time!

3. Numerous Options for Meeting People

Although there were a number of ways you could meet people offline (going to community events, relying on friends and family to set you up, speed dating and so forth), there is no shortage of dating options when you go online. You can join a website and make a profile. You can download one of the many apps on your phone. Why, you can even make love connections on forums, message boards, and the like. If you're an avid gamer, you can even meet people through the messaging features on various online gaming platforms. 

4. Increase the Number of People You Can Meet

Before technology, singles would only have the chance to meet a small handful of people at any given time. If you live in a small town, chances of finding someone new is slim to none. Thankfully technology has made it possible for singles to expand their search and look for people in nearby cities without actually leaving home. Not only does technology improve the number of people you can meet at any given time, it also allows you to look for the type of people you want to meet, rather than just settling for anyone with a pulse. 

5. More Relaxed When Talking to Someone New

Typically, the very idea of trying to approach someone and start a conversation with them can fill you with a sense of foreboding. Let's be real, not everyone is a social butterfly! Technology changes all of that because you're not going to be put on the spot like you would if you were meeting someone the old-fashioned way. 

Instead of tripping over your words or using some lame pick-up line when you meet someone you're interested in, you can take your time and craft the perfect response/introduction. Even if the other person shoots you down or ignores your message entirely, it's not going to be as disappointing because they are just one person on a site filled with hundreds of other singles. 

Tech and Dating: Final Thoughts

As technology continues to evolve and touch every aspect of our lives, how we meet others and dating in general will also continue to evolve. While some people are still stuck in the "dark ages," many are embracing how easy and fun dating has become, thanks to technology!

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