Why NetEnt’s Revamp is Great News for Slots Fans

By Ernest Hamilton , Jul 29, 2019 07:15 PM EDT

It's hard to think of a more competitive sector than online casinos. Seemingly, more and more enter the market almost weekly attracted, no doubt, by the prospect of a relatively easy way to build a business and claim a share of the ever increasing revenue the sector generates.

For keen players this can be regarded as either a blessing or an issue depending on their perspective. For example, it's a well-known principle that greater competition creates better value and choice for consumers. But with so many online casinos vying for the attention of a finite number of players, it can be hard to correctly identify the good ones from the also-rans.

So, what's needed is some clarity to help make choosing easier.

Many online casinos attempt to achieve this by making their websites as visually appealing as possible, as well as featuring great usability. Another tried and trusted technique is to revamp a site to refresh, improve and refine it, often driven by learnings gained from the previous versions.

This is a principle that holds equally true for not just the casinos but also the so-called affiliate sites that are the perfect showcase for the many operators out there as well as being an easy reference source for anyone wanting to compare those operators.

A prime example of this is NetEnt Casino, an affiliate site that is dedicated to bringing visitors all the best casinos offering games devised by one of the world's leading slots developers.

It has recently had a major overhaul and the result is a site that is more detailed and easier to use than the previous version, as well as being one that has obviously been designed with the needs of the visitor very much in mind. Originally launched in 2011, although NetEnt has been a major power in online games for far longer, the new version of the site could well lay claim to being one of the cleanest and most intuitive designs you'll find, not to mention one that follows all the key principles of effective website design.

To start at the very beginning, the new home page is clean, clear and only uses a relatively small colour palette. The immediate impression is of a site that is legitimate, trustworthy and well thought-out.

Perhaps the most important factor that most casino and slots fans are looking for is the quality of the free bonuses that are on offer for joining so this information is very much upfront on the NetEnt Casino site, particularly in the section featuring new casinos. Of course, some players are simply drawn by the opportunity to play a particular NetEnt slot so the home page can also take you straight to the game itself.

But the site does far more for potential players than simply direct them towards bonuses and particular games. It really is a hub that is both packed with useful information and news as well as one that understands the way that players might like to search for their ideal casino site.

For example, one of the less obvious ways of categorising an online casino is through the methods of payment that it accepts. While it may not be the first defining feature that comes to mind it's obviously one that many players want to consider so it categorises sites in this way, even including bitcoin casinos for those who want to play with the cryptocurrency.

Because there's more to consider about a casino than simply how to pay and the bonuses it offers, each one that is featured on the site also has a comprehensive review written by independent experts. Each review works on a number of levels. At the very top there's a star rating out of five and as you dig deeper there are more detailed analyses of each site's strengths and weaknesses. Key features are pulled out in bullet points and there is even a personalised section stating whether the particular site is available from the player's own country. As a finishing flourish, there's also a fun fact about each casino which only goes to show how deep reviewers have gone into researching each one.

In fact, this attention to detail runs throughout the site with almost everything that a player might want to be explained about payments, bonuses and even the details of the games themselves being there in full.

But, most importantly of all, the site makes it exceptionally easy to link to any site in question to start playing almost straight away - the inclusion of a big green "go to . . ." button make sure of that.

So, in short, when it comes to helping players find exactly what they want, quickly and efficiently, the new manifestation of NettEnt Casino has most definitely got it right.

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