8 Awesome Gift Ideas For An Entrepreneur

By Hannah Smith , Jul 30, 2019 02:58 PM EDT

Entrepreneurs don't have a lot of time for themselves. They work all day and all night, trying to make it in the big wide world. But it's important to remember that they are people too.

While an entrepreneur may not have the same sleep pattern or workday as the average person, they will certainly appreciate gifts every now and again.

It may sound difficult to buy for someone who's aiming to have it all before long. But while they are still grinding, give them a gift that will inspire them to achieve their wildest dreams.

Here are 7 awesome gift ideas for an entrepreneur.

1. At-Home Health Testing Kit

First of all, it's important that an entrepreneur is fit and healthy so they can tackle all the challenges that come their way. Entrepreneurs (remember the Apple commercial - "the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers")  must overcome many obstacles in their lives which can cause stress and other health problems.

With the convenient imawareTM at home testing kit, an entrepreneur can keep an eye on their health. 

The test results are verified by real doctors so you know you're in good hands. 

More importantly, your entrepreneur will receive their test results directly via email in the form of a stylish and comprehensive dashboard which highlights whether you may be suffering from a specific medical condition or whether they are predisposed to one.  

Doing the test only takes a couple of minutes of their time. The company will ship a testing kit to your house (shipping charges are included in the price of the test). You draw a small amount of blood and then you ship the kit back to imawareTM. Within a week's time, your favorite entrepreneur will get its results online. 

This is healthcare convenience - redefined and reimagined!

2. Audible Membership

This may not be a physical product but it is just as valuable as everything on this list. Entrepreneurs read a lot. It helps them learn about business and how to grow both personally and professionally. But not everyone likes to read an actual book.

For entrepreneurs that love books but hate reading, buy them an Audible membership. They get all the benefits of the book - without the book itself!

One of the main advantages of this gift is that audiobooks are very portable. 

Your favorite entrepreneur can download the app and access the huge library of books to listen to. Plus, they can be taken on the go. For example, while they are driving to a meeting, they can listen in the car, or they can replace their music with a good audiobook while working out in the gym.

3. Reusable Water Bottle

It's important for an entrepreneur to stay hydrated during their busy day; it's easy to skip meals and drinks when there is so much work to be done. During the hot and summer months, it becomes even more important to keep fluids up so they can keep working to the best of their ability.

For this reason, a reusable water bottle like this one from Kool8 is the ideal gift. Not only does it look cool, but it is also incredibly useful. Along with keeping water cool and refreshing, it will maintain the temperature of a hot drink too. 

Another advantage of a reusable water bottle is that an entrepreneur doesn't need to constantly get up and disrupt their workflow for a refill. 

If you know an entrepreneur without a reusable water bottle, once they have one, they won't go back to being without one again.

4. iRobot Vacuum

Seriously, this can make as an awesome gift for an entrepreneur. Put it this way: how much time do you think they put into keeping their workspace clean and tidy? Probably not as much as needed.

Sometimes, just the quick go-over can make all the difference. So, to make their lives easier and cleaner, buy them this iRobot vacuum. It is controlled by an app and will do all the vacuuming for them, meaning all they have to do is lift a finger, tap a button and the robot is away.

It's not the conventional gift idea for an entrepreneur but it's certainly going to help them out - even if it's used just once a week!

5. Portable Chargers

These become an absolute lifesaver for entrepreneurs. With the number of meetings they need to attend, portable chargers save their devices from dying on the way. If they are banking on their phone for sending emails, it's important to have enough power to actually write emails.

If you know that your entrepreneur friend has a lot of devices, get them a portable charger that can charge them all at once. For example, they may be watching a webinar on a tablet through wireless headphones. These need to be charged too, making a portable charger even more valuable.

6. Protein Coffee

An entrepreneur has so much work to do that a lot of the time, they end up burning a lot of calories over the course of their day.

For this reason, they need a product that gives them enough energy to make it through the day while providing a lot of nutritional value. This is where protein coffee becomes an ideal gift. It's thoughtful and shows you understand their need to be ready to go at all hours of the day.

One of the best on the market, in our opinion, is the Ultimate Nutrition product line. They have a lot of flavors that taste great and the product is packed full of important nutrients to keep the body healthy and working at its best. Read more about the benefits of protein coffee here (yes, combining protein powder with coffee beans is a real thing and a very popular practice as a matter of fact!). 

7. French Press

If you get them some protein coffee, then a French press is the perfect gift to accompany it. Using a French press to make coffee makes it taste so much better - your entrepreneur friend will never go back to instant coffee once they start using this!

For anyone looking to get a French press, make sure you get one that won't shatter the second it comes into contact with hot water - yes, this can happen if the product is bad!

This French press is great. It's made from high-quality stainless steel, it comes with a safety lid to keep contents from spilling and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

8. A star map

One of my favorite gift ideas comes from a company called Twinkle in Time. They provide star map posters with custom messages. 

In simple terms, you select a day, year and city and Twinkle in Time will show you how stars looked like at that particular moment in time. You can also add a custom message for your favorite entrepreneur.

There are so many ideas that come to mind on how you can customize this. You can choose the date your friend or family member started a company when they landed the first sale or even when they sold a company and cashed in big time. This gift is totally worth it and anyone you get it for will be incredibly impressed and humbled by it. 

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