Best Wireless Router Extender - Booster to extend your Wifi Signals

Sometimes nothing hurts most when suddenly your live streaming gets interrupted and buffering kicks in. Is like you are watching your favorite TV series then, Alas! Power goes out. If the problem isn't within your house, you feel like walking into your power supply company and blast the boss. Among the top causes of limited internet connectivity in our areas of living or business, is dead zones. 

Some of the Wi-Fi routers we install are never effective enough to cover all the regions we expect them to. In your living room, they might give you the most reliable signals. When you enter the kitchen, the signal lowers. In your storeroom or walk far into your compound, it vanishes completely. Well, the main problem here could be low coverage if at all you have tried troubleshooting in vain. The most reliable solution is usually the use of Wi-Fi Router Extender. 

What is Wi-Fi Router Extender?

A Wi-Fi Router Extender is a highly effective device which helps in boosting the already existing Wi-Fi signal to cover a more extensive area. It ensures all corners of your house, compound, or business premises receive strong signals all through. 

As expected of them, these devices are plenty and of different types. This article gives an insight into the top 5 best wifi routers with better performance records. 

Top 5 Best Wifi Router Extender

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700

NETGEAR EX3700 Wi-Fi extender is a low-cost device with excellent ability in boosting the coverage of any Wi-Fi network. The dual-band devices work compatibly with the wireless-AC technology in providing a significantly high throughput of up to 750Mbps. Setting it upstarts with easy and direct plug into a wall socket. 

Its structural design features two antennas which enhances the entire boosting procedure. When wired through its Gigabit Ethernet port, the EX3700 range extender can create new hotspots as well as Wi-Fi access points. With these options, it allows quick creation of guest network separate from the available one. 

The NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700 boosts Wi-Fi signal to cover wide ranges of up to 1000 square feet. In doing so, it allows the connection of up to 15 devices. These devices could be either laptop, speakers, smartphones, IP cameras, IoT devices, tablets, and more

Like most of the NETGEAR router equipment, this devices works compatibly with Netgear's Wi-Fi Analytics App from which you can monitor the signal strength. You can, therefore, gauge it, check its status, or even identify the jam-packed channels. 

NETGEAR Orbi Ultra

Orbi Ultra from Netgear is another excellently functioning Wi-Fi router extender which comes as a system and a unit.  It composes of both Wi-Fi routers and a satellite extender. It helps generate signal speeds of up to 30Gbps and conveniently cover over 5,000 sq. Ft eliminating all dead spots. 

It is a highly compatible device supporting devices from laptop machines to phones, tablets, desktops, and a lot more. It comes with an in-built anti-virus which ensures all your internet use is all safe - no risks. The auto-updating antivirus provides no malware nor do viruses affect/ spread to your devices. Through its Netgear App, you can easily manage those who access your network, how they do it and much more. As a parent, it gives you will be able to control site access by your children. Also, still through the App, you will be able to monitor the networks' speed while carrying out various tests. 

Orbi Ultra is an award-winning product that has received high commendations from PC Mag, WirecutterCNET, SmallNetBuilder, and Forbes.

NETGEAR AC1200 Wireless WiFi Range Extender (EX6200)

With over ten thousand reviews on Amazon, the high profiled EX6200 Wi-Fi Range Extender is an exceptional model with best performance characteristics. It serves its purpose sufficiently by availing signal strengths of speeds up to 1.2 Gbps (AC1200). It effectively extends Dual-Band signals; 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz thus eliminating all the dead spots.

From its universal compatibility, the EX6200 extends your existing Wi-Fi with all its gateway, ISP-provided gateway as well as the router. Its boosted Wi-Fi works compatibly with various devices, TV, gaming equipment, phones, tablets, among others. For gaming consoles and TVs, its available 5 Gigabit Ethernet Port make the connection ultimately possible and easy to set up.

This device comes in a tower-like design featuring a standing unit with two antennas attached to it supported on a flat base structure. 

NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7300

Owing to its highly spectacular performance, the Netgear's EX7300 is one great option you should consider. It covers areas up to 2000 sq.ft. Supporting 35 devices. Its operation involves the following;

Mesh Smart Roaming - Ensures you never your device never gets disconnected while moving around your house. This is because it uses the existing SSID name of your existing network.

AC2200 Wi-Fi Speed - This router delivers performance up to 2200Mbps using the dual-band and patented FastLane technology. Thus it is highly reliable when you intend to stream HD videos or play online games.

Great Compatibility - Works compatibly with any wireless router, cable modem with WiFi or gateway

Reliable Security: Supports wireless security protocols for both WEP and WPA/WPA2.

TP-Link | AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

Here is another extender with super functioning features you will like. Its extended Wi-Fi network works ideally for Echo/Alexa devices, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, iPad 4, and PlayStation 4, TP-Link smart bulbs, TP-Link smart plugs 

It is entirely compatible with various routers and gateways providing signal strengths of up to 1200 Mbps. Hence, with it still you can play online games, stream HD videos and download huge file fast enough. 

TheAC1200 WiFi Range Extender comes with an Intelligent Signal Indicator which helps you with the installation procedure. Its appropriate positioning enhances its chances of covering an extensive area.

Final Remark

The above-discussed Wi-Fi Extender models work quite effectively in ensuring you do away with all the dead spots in your premises. Their high performances are of any no doubt. However still, your selection should depend on what features or specifications you want. If your premises are extensive, then one like Orbi Ultra will be quite useful. It will intensify your signals to all corners of your compound, house or even office.

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