iPhone 11 Deep Fusion Camera Mode will Change Your Phone Photography Game

iPhone 11 Deep Fusion Camera Mode will Change Your Phone Photography Game
Deep Fusion has finally come to iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro which guarantees ultra HD indoor photos. Photo : Apple/Facebook

Apple has released iPhone 11 back on September 20th. But, its Deep Fusion camera mode has just recently become an available feature for both the developers' beta and the public beta of iOS version 13.2. 

It is only currently available on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro as of writing.

The Deep Fusion camera mode promises better iPhone photos as it uses artificial intelligence and other software to enhance the details of your pictures while reducing image noise. The aim is to take the highest-quality image possible.

iPhone 11 Deep Fusion Camera Mode will Change Your Phone Photography Game
(Photo : Photo by Jan Kolar / VUI Designer on Unsplash)
Deep Fusion is available only on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro which runs on A13 processor. Make sure to upgrade it to iOS version 13.2.

Apple's iPhone 11 has a default mode which is the Smart HDR. If you take photos in the dark, it will turn to Night Mode that can automatically improve the brightness of your photo and reduce image noise. 

Since Deep Fusion is now available, your phone will automatically turn this on when you're taking shots at medium to low light environments. With this feature, your indoor photos will look brighter and sharper without needing to edit it.

According to CNET, this works by taking multiple images in various exposures and then combining them into one ultra HD image. It identifies various elements and fine details such as your hair. Subsequently, Deep Fusion will do a pixel-by-pixel analysis of the images your phone captured.

Once the result is rolled out, your phone will determine which pixels to use to come up with the final, high-quality photo.

All these happen in a second. You don't have to wait for a couple of minutes until the photo is registered. However, information that is gathered will be processed by the iPhone's A13 processor.

And because more people are taking indoor photos, Apple's Deep Fusion mode is predicted to change the game for everyone, especially for iPhone photographers.

Marketing chief of Apple, Phil Schiller, said it is a "computational photography mad science."

But, there is one catch.

You can't turn it on. There are no buttons that will determine whether you're in Deep Fusion mode or if you want to remove it. Also, there won't be any indication that it is on and you're using it. As long as you were taking photos in medium to low light, your phone will automatically jump to Deep Fusion mode.

If you've downloaded the latest iOS version on your iPhone 11 and/or your iPhone 11 Pro, it should be there. Compare your old photos to your new ones and see whether it has enhanced the quality of the images.

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Besides the Deep Fusion camera mode, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro also offers the new ultra-wide-angle camera. Even the selfie mode has improved compared to its predecessors.

An Apple first, iPhone 11 has a triple-camera system that allows you to take ultra HD images and up to 4x ultra-wide-angle photos. The device has the following camera specs:

Ultra-wide camera 

  • 13mm focal length

  • 5-element lens

  • 120° field view

  • 12MP sensor

Wide camera

  • 26mm focal length

  • 6-element lens

  • Optical image optimization

  • 100% Focus Pixels

  • 12MP sensor

Telephoto camera

  • 52mm focal length

  • 6-element lens

  • Optical image optimization

  • 2x Optical zoom

  • 12MP sensor

The iPhone 11 will retail for $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro for $1,099.

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