Apple Releases Another Wearable - A Smart Helmet With Safety Features for Bikers

Apple has released a smart helmet to ensure the safety of bikers when they are out in the streets at night.

The helmet, known as the Lumos Matrix helmet, was released on Apple's stores on Wednesday, October 9, and comes in two colors--black and white--and retails for $249.95.

According to CEO and co-founder Eu-wen Ding, the Lumos Matrix helmet is made to reimagine the function of modern helmets for bike riders and electric scooter riders.

Ding said that designs were made to solve human problems, but no one is trying to solve the commuter's problem. He also added that the "traditional guys" are trying to address how the helmets can be super lightweight and aerodynamic.

"We are asking different questions: 'How can we make a helmet that has a lot of lights, that can be seen from far away, and that drivers can recognize?'" the CEO said.

A Smart Helmet from Apple is Now Available
(Photo : Lumos Helmet/Facebook)
A Smart Helmet from Apple is Now Available

And so, the Apple smart helmet has bright lights on the front side of the helmet, but besides that, it also includes a 7 by 11 dot-matrix, animated LED panel on its back that signals drivers when the rider is turning or braking.

Bikers can activate the lights in two ways: by attaching a touchpad to the bike handlebars for easy access or through an Apple Watch app that could detect their hand signals. The app also allows them to adjust the flash frequency and the light's brightness.

You can also customize the animation on the rear back panel with different signals that could promote your safety on the road day in and day out. Its battery life can last an average of 10 hours, depending on the settings you choose.

Apple previously had launched similar helmets, but the recent release is an upgrade from the previous Lumos helmet with its sleeker look and a more streamlined design.

The Lumos Matrix helmet also has a cumulative brightness of 1000 lumens, which is two times brighter than the previous ones.

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Apple has also designed this new Lumos helmet for the comfort of the riders. It includes two sets of padding for the most comfortable fit, plus an adjustable retention system so you can assure it fits your head well.

There is also a hairport design with the retention system for female riders, which allows them to pull their ponytails through quickly.

On Apple's website, the company claims that the helmet can avoid a collision as it lights the riders from their head, which is the most visible area of your body. The helmet is also weatherproof and can still be used even when it's snowing or raining.

The helmet includes the wireless remote in the box as well as the charging cable. When charging the helmet, the rear LED panel shows you the current percentage, so you know when the battery is full or not.

CEO Ding says that the helmet they have made is not just a protection, it's also prevention.

With these helmets, thousands of bikers, scooter riders, and people who commute with their skateboards can finally feel safer in the road even at night.

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