4 In-Demand Professions That Pay Well In Canada

4 In-Demand Professions That Pay Well In Canada
4 In-Demand Professions That Pay Well In Canada
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Canada is turning out to be an emerging place for fresh graduates and skilled people looking for jobs. Every year the ratio of unemployed people for every job keeps decreasing. This decline in the ratio is accredited to a lot of skilled professionals recently moving to Canada, more job vacancies and more opportunities. 

Due to its high standard of living, medical facilities, safety, and great employment chances, more and more immigrants are moving to Canada to look for jobs. By analyzing the sheer volume of demand for skilled professionals, we have complied a list of four professions that are not only in-demand but also pay well. So, without further ado, let's continue with the list.

Computer Scientists and IT professionals

With the advent of technology, the need for people who can help achieve innovative and technological prowess is increasing day after day. Not only are employers looking for professionals who can develop applications, streamline their online websites, or make robust software; but the demand for marketing managers is also ever increasing. If you are looking for IT managers jobs anywhere in Canada, you can head over to the link and find a job that suits you. To become an IT project manager, you need a bachelor's degree and several years' of experience in the field. 

Healthcare Sector

When I say healthcare sector, instead of just doctors or surgeons, I mean everything that comes within the range of it. In healthcare, its not just the people who perform operations that make good money but the average wage and demand for nurses and physiotherapists also tops the charts. The average salary of a registered nurse is at least $40 per hour, and the demand is strong all over Canada. Anyone with a bachelor's degree and the required registration can benefit and earn a lot of money in this field.

Account Management

Another high paying job for experienced and newcomers alike is account management in Canada. An account manager is someone who explicitly manages a specific account like a company's business with specific customers or their overseas accounts. The average salary for someone doing a job in this field ranges from $80000 to $90000 yearly. A degree in business administration and a little bit of sales experience can get you easy access to this field. 


Despite the ongoing rumors that the engineering profession is not as in demand as it used to be, the situation in Canada is a lot different. An engineering project manager is probably the highest paid job in Canada after doctors as managers make close to $200000-$250000 yearly. The basic pay may not be that much, but after bonuses, profits and commissions, project managers end up making a lot of money. However, to be a project manager, you need a master's degree and years of practical experience in the field. 

Other engineering prospects include aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, architectural engineers, and civil engineers. With the increasing constructional and industrial revolutions, the demand for such professionals is only going to increase in the coming years.

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