Top 5 Best Business Gadgets

By Ernest Hamilton , Oct 18, 2019 10:18 AM EDT
(Photo : Image: The Dell U3219Q 4K monitor provides a crystal clear display output )

Most businesses are investing in business tech gadgets and other business accessories to improve efficiency and productivity. That's why companies are furnishing their modern offices with business tools and devices. 

Some of these gadgets are low-cost; therefore, SMEs and early-stage startups can utilize them in keeping the operations lean. 

Here are the top five best business gadgets listed below. With these tools, you can increase efficiency, productivity, and connectivity in a modern office. 

1. Dell 32-Inch 4K Monitor

You might be wondering, "How can I view my dissertations better as I type out the content?" Get yourself a 4K Dell monitor, which has a bright and pulsating Ultra HD display. Not only is it great for gaming and video viewing, but it is also useful in workplace applications such as data modeling and video-conferencing.

Although the unit feels bulky once unpacked, it is adjustable therefore fits in several different spaces. After setting it up, you won't have to strain your neck or eyes because of the monitor's height option of being movable. 

The Dell U3219Q also has an incredible collection of connectivity options such as USB, HDMI, and DP ports. You can easily use the USB-C cable to connect the monitor to your existing PC or laptop. 

2. Sandberg Laptop Powerbank

 The Sandberg power bank contains 20,000mAh battery storage capacity and has three ports for connectivity. Depending on the connected device, the charger automatically chooses the right voltage output, which ranges between 12V, 16V, 19V, and 20V. 

What makes this gadget stand out over most of its rivals is the bright blue LED status lights showing the amount of energy left in addition to the premium aluminum finish. Moreover, Sandberg decided to include a dedicated input port for charging the gadget in record time due to a 36W (18V/2A) power supply unit.

There is also an automatic on and off switch to save on power. 

3. GoTo Meeting

The Goto Meeting is an all-in-one toolbox helping you save time while setting up complex teleconferencing systems. The pack has a Logitech wireless keyboard, Asus Chromebook PC, Logitech 1080 HD webcam, and a flux UC 500 conference call from Revo labs.

Whether you pride yourself as tech-savvy or not, you can speed through the usual set-up process easily and swiftly because the design of all the products is to work seamlessly together. Within a matter of minutes, you can start video conferencing once you hook the webcam and the PC to a monitor.

4. DiskAshur Pro 500GB

The diskArshur Pro is offering comprehensive security features to keep your valuable data intact. It has a keypad that only grants data access once you enter a PIN. Unlike an ATM PIN, the keypad's identifier needs to between 7-15 digits, which offers tighter security while keeping your data safe. 

The gadget needs no new additional software installation when using on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can store all your essential media and documents easily into the 500GB memory capacity by connecting the flash disk to a 3.1 USB port on the laptop.  

Besides the enviable encryption and the edge technology, the diskArshur is both water and dustproof incorporating a self-destruct feature in case of emergencies.

5. Ear Buds

Earbuds are a wireless business deice, allowing you to switch multiple sound connections between various devices. They have noise cancellation features that block any nagging sound from the environment. 

Use the earbuds to make ideal phone calls on the VoIP system or your phone. When they run out of power, place the earbuds into their charging case and put them into your pocket. 

With the above technological advancements, it is easier to run your business more efficiently. 

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