Black Friday Deals: A Sneak Peek of What You Can Get

By Nhx T. , Oct 22, 2019 01:08 AM EDT

Every shopper is getting their banks ready for the upcoming Black Friday Sale, where anything and everything seems to be heavily discounted from major manufacturers and chains--including high-end devices from Samsung and other tech companies as well as chains like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

Companies haven't yet created an exact list of products that they will be putting up for sale, as well as how much it would be or how big discounts are.

But Forbes has predicted which items will be on sale, specifically for Samsung, which is based on products that were on sale last year and how big the discounts were back during the 2018 Black Friday sale.

According to Forbes, Samsung lovers can snag these huge Black Friday deals, such as Galaxy S10/S10+ and Note 10/10+, where you can save $300 with a gift card on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, and will be available on Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

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The site has also predicted a late deal with those devices, saving $400 on Verizon, and $200 unlocked through Samsung Direct.

They have also predicted the following deals:

  • Galaxy Tab S6, Wifi only - get it for $549 and save $100 - BJs and/or Costco

  • Galaxy Watch Active 2 - get it for $229 and save $50 - Samsung Direct, and Amazon

  • Galaxy Watch Active - get it for half the price at $180 - Amazon

Forbes also believed Samsung 4K TVs such as the 75-inch Premium, 65-inch Premium, and 55-inch Midrange TVs would also be a massive Black Friday deal for Samsung lovers.

Besides Samsung devices, Android Central also believes Apple products will be at an all-time low, making it the perfect time to get a new iPhone, Mac, or iPad, and save you around $30 to $50. Apple Watches may also get more than a $50 discount.

Additionally, it's also likely that you can get some good TV deals from Best Buy, not just from Samsung but from other brands like Toshiba and TCL.

If you wish to shop during Black Friday, you can also check the official website for confirmed deals from various sites and shops, including LEGO deals, Home Depot deals, and Hallmark Holiday sales, which are already active and allows you to shop from these shops and save more.

Black Friday Deals: A Sneak Peek of What You can Get
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John Lewis guarantees can help you make the most of your Black Friday deals.

However, if you want to get the most of your Black Friday tech purchases, buying from John Lewis might be the best move you can make because of their guarantees.

For example, when you buy a TV from John Lewis, it comes with a five-year guarantee, which means it will be protected for years to come.

According to TechRadar, you can also purchase Added Care damage insurance, but it will cost you more.

This year, Black Friday on both the US and the UK will fall on November 29, a day after Thanksgiving--but the sale won't end there, Cyber Monday is also a big event for shoppers who wanted to get good deals on online shops, and it will fall on December 2, which is perfect for your Christmas shopping.

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