Tesla Model 3 Owner Spots Tesla Model Y in Real Life Traffic

The Tesla Model Y hasn't arrived on the market yet, but there have been a few sightings of the new car, with the most recent sighting from a Model 3 owner seeing the vehicle in real-life traffic during his morning commute.

The sighting of the Model Y was posted on the Model 3 owner, Brian Armer's Twitter account.

Based on the post, the vehicle was a Midnight Silver Model Y, complete with a tinted rear window and was apparently out for a long-range driving test, according to Teslarati.

While on his morning commute, Armer saw the upcoming Tesla car beside a Mercedes-Benz GLA 250, which is a smaller SUV that can seat five people; and interestingly enough, the Tesla Model Y seems to be a tad larger than the Benz, although the video was caught near the Tesla than the Benz.

However, even when the traffic light turned green, and the two cars accelerated forward, there still seems to be a visible difference with the sizes, with the Tesla Model Y looking bigger and spacier than the SUV.

Speaking of appearances, fans were not as happy with how Model Y turned out, especially when Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously said that the car would be "an all-new vehicle on its own platform."

But, the company decided to change the plans, and that soon enough, people discovered that the new Model Y is somewhat similar to Model 3, just bigger and more spacious.

Indeed, the similarity was apparent when another sighting of the Model Y surfaced, parked beside a Model 3, showing that the newer car does look bigger in dimension compared to the latter, especially when it comes to height.

Additionally, Model Y has a larger hatch instead of the smaller trunk of the Model 3, which will offer owners more storage space.

Tesla Model 3 Owner Spots Tesla Model Y in Real Life Traffic
(Photo : Screengrab from Teknikens Värld)
Tesla Model 3 Owner Spots Tesla Model Y in Real Life Traffic

Model Y is also expected to seat seven people, but that it would add $3000 to the initial price of the car.

Because of the change with the plans, it is possible that the new Tesla car will be rolling out much earlier than people expected as they basically had to change a few things about the Model 3, and that they could have worked out some way to fix issues with the older auto.

Although people are disappointed with where Model Y has gone to, aftermarket accessory manufacturers are already planning on creating accessories for the car, which means they believe it will become an important vehicle once released.

There was even a piece of leaked information from CleanTechnica that productions may start as early as the first quarter of 2020.

However, it wasn't officially announced, so take that with a grain of salt.

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When it comes to pricing, the Tesla Model Y will be ahead of Model 3's launch price for around $4,000 only, but since the company has already fixed the bugs on Model 3, the manufacturing would be more inexpensive.

With Tesla Model Y on the road for test drives, we can expect more sightings to come out soon, plus the company will inevitably share some official news about it.

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