Fight to Fame is Giving Athletes Around the World a Fighting Chance

Fight to Fame is Giving Athletes Around the World a Fighting Chance
Photo : Fight to Fame is Giving Athletes Around the World a Fighting Chance

The passing years have seen many MMA and boxing fighters from across the globe. It is not an easy task to become a fighter as it demands years of continuous practice. The fighters have to go through the most challenging phases in their life to pave the road to success.

But, the advent of innovative and modern era technology has made the MMA and boxing industry adopt Blockchain technology. Crypto tokens are said to be the future of the MMA and boxing, especially the fighting industry as a whole. The reason being, many sports leagues, and championships are showing their interest in the blockchain technology as it is secure and provides anonymity. 

As many companies are operating crypto platforms, the blockchain startup Fight to Fame is becoming a hit amongst the MMA and boxing fighters. It is because Fight to Fame is providing a path of success to the fighters from over 200 countries. This sports entertainment platform is organizing an Action Star Reality Show to choose the next Hollywood action superstar.

How is Fight To Fame Paving the Way for Fighters?

The blockchain Startup Fight to Fame is helping the fighters from across the globe by giving them the platform to show their talent. Their Action Star Reality show is paving the way for the fighters to get their dream role in Hollywood movies as the next action star.

Moreover, Fight to Fame follows a unique business model. Here, it is offering the FF tokens to the fans as they can directly purchase the ticket under this decentralized system. This crypto token will be used as the form of payment for the events tickets. Even these fans get access to VIP offers through this online platform. The collected funds through this form of payment system will help Fight to Fame to fund the movies that will be produced by some of the biggest Hollywood production teams. 

Contestants have to pass through five stages for becoming the next Action superstar:

  • Stage 1:  Fight to Fame will provide free registration for the contestants from across the globe. The MMA and Boxing fighters can directly register through Fight to Fame official website.

  • Stage 2: In this stage, the competition will take place. The preliminaries will happen at this stage in collaboration with various event organizations. The winners will be qualified to enter the next stages of the competition. Under this stage, the five 'events units' will take place where contestants will receive professional assessments. This will include stage punching, stunt work, fitness or endurance training, media or marketing training, and acting training. The contestants will receive the comments from Hollywood superstars, world champions, media channels, action directors, etc. 

After selecting the right candidates at this stage, the voting will start for the next superstar through this action-packed reality show. The fans possessing the FF tokens will vote through the blockchain technology and the decentralized voting mechanism for their favorite action star. 

  • Stage 3: The contestants will compete in the most challenging assessments provided in this event. It will consist of the following:

    • Simulation of the fight scenes with the Hollywood action stars under action movie assessment.

    • The testing of the extreme sports assessment under specialist or action part

    • To arrange for the most persistent action superstar under challenge assessment

    • The performance clip will be shot that will include Hollywood action superstar as the guest performer and it will consist of the fighter's action movie clip too.

After these assessments, a final winner will be selected.

  • Stage 4: The champion will be presented with the Gold Belt on a different style of martial arts and fighting forms.

  • Stage 5: This is the last and final stage where the champion, the winner of the Gold Belt, will sign the movie contract with the famous production house to become the action superstar. The fighter will make its debut in the Hollywood action movies.

Fight to Fame is providing an enriching and innovative experience to the fighters from across the globe. It is providing a safe and successful platform for MMA and boxing champions to help showcase their talents and become a star.

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