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By Eric Hamilton , Nov 12, 2019 10:38 AM EST
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Apps for mobile devices led personal, independent traveling to a new level. Nowadays, your pocket can easily fit all the possibilities of a small tourism agency. GPS, maps, currency calculators, city guides, dictionaries, hotel search services, etc. The right set of apps for traveling helps in planning your journeys and saving time, money, and nerves while you sit in a café or taxi, or lie in bed.

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Now, here is the set of the best applications for traveling. Make your trips comfortable with the help of the appropriate software!

Skyscanner - Plane Tickets, Hotels, Car Rent

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Skyscanner is probably the best complex app for traveling. It instantly finds cheap plane tickets, hotels, and cars to rent. If your traveling plans are flexible, choose the entire month instead of particular dates and get price graphs showing you when the plane trip will be cheaper.   

To get inspired to travel, click the "Search everywhere" app button, and see the most profitable propositions to fly from your location. Check the best weekend propositions to use in one click.

After you choose your tickets, Skyscanner will redirect you to a purchase page without additional fees. Moreover, you'll be able to find a hotel and a car at the destination point at once.  

Rail Planner - European Trains

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Dealing with railway schedules can be a problem even in your native country. When traveling abroad, it is even more difficult. In Europe, the Rail Planner traveling app solves the problem. 

While the smartphone is offline, the app can show a detailed schedule on all stations. It can also inform you how many train changes you'll need to pass on the way from Budapest to Milano. If the train is high-speed, the person traveling in Europe should book the place in addition to the Eurail Pass. You can complete the quest through the app when there appears Wi-Fi access. 

Uber - Cheap Taxi

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Open the app, enter the address, press the button, and in 10 minutes, get a taxi almost as cheap as the bus. In the best Uber traveling app, you can search, call, and pay private drivers or taxi services. Track the ordered car on the map, and know when it is going to arrive. Traveling students also like Uber because of their low prices. Additionally, you don't need to explain your driver the address using the language you know poorly. 

It is possible to find out how Uber works in a particular region or city in advance. For instance, you'll need cash to pay for the ride in India, while in Italy, Denmark, and Bulgaria, the service is forbidden.  

Keep in mind that almost every country in the world has cheap Uber alternatives. But it still remains the best traveling app to order a taxi.

Google Maps - Comparing Taxi Prices 

Картинки по запросу google maps app

Google Maps is not only a navigator and a traveling guide app. Enter the route. Click on the waving person's pictogram, and Maps will show the cost of the Uber, Taxify, Gett, and other taxi services ride.

To book something, click the appropriate button, and Google will redirect you to a required app. Pay attention: Google may show not all possible options as any other aggregator.

Zipсar - the Car Sharing App

Zipcar is one of the world's biggest car-sharing companies, but even its possibilities are quite limited yet. In case Zipcar doesn't provide services in the place of your traveling destination, try DriveNow, car2go, and enjoy apps for travelers.

XE Currency Converter - The Best Accounting App

Картинки по запросу xe currency app

At first glance, everything seems to be cheap when traveling through a new country. But that impression is frequently a delusion. To avoid such a misunderstanding, download the XE Currency Converter. The app will count how many Mexican pesos or Russian rubles there are in one US dollar or Euro. Connect to the Wi-Fi point and choose currencies you need from a long list. The traveling app remembers the current exchange course and can function offline after a single check.

Expensify - Vacation Budget Planning

If you tend to relax and spend more than you planned while traveling, think of the accounting app like Expensify. You can enter payments by hand, directly from the connected bank card or check scanning. The application will recognize sums and purchases on its own. There's only one problem: it may be painful to know that you spent 20% of your vacation budget on the antique souvenir market in China.

Budgy - Shared Budget

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A friendly trip may become a trial if you don't predict a bunch of routine things in advance. Common payment options are among those things. Who pays in a restaurant? Who rents a car? Who buys picnic items? 

To make everything transparent and peaceful, start a common budget in Budgy - the best traveling app for friends. You just add all the paid sums into the app, and it will count them all. Find out how much your friends owe you after the trip easily.

Google Arts & Culture - Inspiration to Visit Museums

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Google Art & Culture is a pure culture guide. If you have the mood to spend the night in a comfortable hotel, then use it to watch artworks of different genres, read entertaining articles about art, and look at the museum expositions in close.

When you wish to walk a bit, press the "Nearby" button. The app will show you nearby museums, their working hours, and collection highlights. It is much more interesting to visit museums when prepared. Make some art-selfies to show your friends after the trip: Arts & Culture will find your twins in artworks from all over the world.

Yuggler - Entertainment for Children

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A kid will prefer a park and an ice-cream café to any picture gallery or royal palace, and parents should make their dreams real at least sometimes.

Install the Yuggler traveling app to know where the nearest places for kids are. It will show playgrounds, entertainment centers, swimming pools, zoos, cool museums, and a set of other sites for you to remember that a vacation with children can be fun.

Instagram - Ideas for Traveling

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A journey is a reason to look at many things from different angles, including Instagram. Save useful posts about inspiring places of interest to bookmarks, and sort them by collections for the usability comfort. When in area, open the "Bali beaches" or "Secret places of Barcelona" folder and choose where to spend your perfect day.

Google Translate - Pocket Dictionary

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To ask the Chinese about the direction, to talk to a host in Italy, to discuss wine degustation in France. You can do it without knowing a language at all, but that's weird. 

In case you don't have enough time to learn the local language a bit before your trip, install Google Translate to feel safe. Offline packages are there for many countries so that the app will function without Internet access too. Try to express what you need in short phrases. Otherwise, a robot can make some mistakes.  

Duolingo - Language Learning App

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Wherever you go, it is useful to know at least a dozen of words in the local language. Here is the minimum set of words to make your life more comfortable: "Hello," "Goodbye," "Thanks," "Okay," "How Much," and numbers.

Duolingo exercises are great for expanding your vocabulary. The app offers simple lessons taking 5 to 20 minutes daily (you choose the lesson duration yourself). Try practicing together with family while waiting for pizza in a restaurant or traveling by train.

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