4 Construction Tech Advancements

By Staff Reporter , Nov 20, 2019 02:58 PM EST
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Technological advancements have not just been limited to the electronic or medical industry, but the construction industry has also benefited enormously from it.  New technology advancements are appearing every day in the construction industry, and before you can get the hang of one there is already another new one that you might need. This makes it a bit difficult to keep track of these technologies.

Having the right technology can be the difference between your construction company getting the contract or your competitors. It is essential for you to follow the latest trends in the industry and keep yourself updated about these innovations. These new developments help in improving tools and software, complying with new sustainability regulations, and addressing the problem of labor shortages. As mentioned earlier, there are several new technologies out there, but which one will benefit your construction company? Here in this article, I have mentioned four construction tech advancements, and that can make you a futuristic construction company.

Construction Drones

One of the most popular technology advancements that have brought amazing improvement to the construction industry in the last few years is the advanced drones. This robotic innovation is making the jobs of thousands of workers easier by providing them with the safety that they never had. With the drones, you can examine a construction site quickly. This not only keeps from endangering the lives of laborers but also saves you a lot of time as well. Some of these drone models are advanced enough to generate a sitemap model in 3D for better understanding. They can also provide useful information like the volume of the land that needs to be moved, and how much time will be required.  These drones are offering predictive analysis as well.

Material Advancements

This technology has not just made advancement in the development and software department of construction but has also been able to build better material and spare parts for old machinery. These materials are not just helping you with their sustainability, but are also cutting your costs and saving you time. There are also several other advancements in the material which has made the job easier. Another example is that we now have eco-friendly material as well that helps the cause of global warming.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality is no longer just limited to video games and movies. But, these tools have evolved so much that they are proving to be extremely helpful in several industries, including the construction industry. The engineers and workers now have VR helmets available, which lets them see the designs in real-time 3d. This technology can scan the sites and give you the model version in virtual reality. This is really helpful when it comes to design modifications because it can be done live on site. This tool also reduces the probability of rework as it considers all the environmental factors and warns you before application when you are constructing the model. And this is just the beginning. AR and VR are opening an entirely new world of possibilities for construction sites.

Smart Infrastructure

One other beneficial contribution technology has brought to the field of construction is the introduction of smart infrastructures. These are advanced systems explicitly designed to measure the durability of the structure. They use different sensors and monitors to identify the weak spots and flaws in the structure so it can be known to the construction team. The construction team can then modify the design or material on that structure to eliminate all the defects and to make the site safer. This technology is helpful on risky construction sites like mines and rock falls, where the technology can make sure that the conditions are safe for the workers.

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