Foolproof Ways to Get New Customers for Your Small Business

By Ernest Hamilton , Nov 21, 2019 09:41 PM EST
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Growing your small business is all about attracting a steady stream of customers. Whether you run an e-commerce site or a coffee shop, the right lead generation techniques will keep you on your feet. However, customer acquisition can feel overwhelming when you're first starting out. 

Luckily, bringing new clientele in the door doesn't need to be complicated. Here are five straightforward ways to reach new customers as a new small business. 

Create a Discount for New Customers 

As your business grows, many of your leads will likely come from referrals. You just need to earn the first few customers to get the recommendations started. This can take some incentive. Consider creating a discount just for new customers. If you owned a bakery, for example, the first 20 customers to buy a wedding cake from you could receive 25 percent off. If you attract the customers with the discount and wow them with exemplary customer service, they will likely tell their friends about your services. 

Start a Referral Program 

You can expand your pool of new customers through a sms referral program. In this system, an existing customer receives a discount for referring a friend. For example, if you run a hair salon, a client could receive $10 off a haircut for every new customer they refer. Those new clients will then be motivated to spread the word, so they can receive the discount as well. Similarly, clients might receive a discount or be entered into a raffle if they leave an online review. These types of offers can help your customer base grow exponentially. 

Cold Call Potential Customers

A tried and true marketing method, cold calling can be a highly effective way to attract new clients. This is especially true if you run a B2B business like a marketing agency, restaurant supply store, or contracting business. Create a basic sales script and call local businesses to pitch your services. 

A cloud based call center is a great way to employ this technique. This type of software allows sales representatives to track calls and other communications with potential customers, following up on cold calls for maximum lead generation. You can also track analytics through the platform, learning which types of calls are most effective for attracting client interest. 

Use Ringless Voicemail Drops

Talking to potential customers on the phone isn't the only way to get in touch. You can send bulk voicemail drops to businesses and individuals in your area. Companies like Stratics Networks allow you to record a polished sales pitch and seamlessly distribute it to potential leads. Since customers may be likely to ignore a call from an unknown number, this method places your message in their voicemail box without the fuss of a phone call. They may be more likely to open the voicemail, hear your message, and consider trying your product or service. Since you can keep track of the ringless voicemail disruption on a dashboard, you can refine your messaging until you see a spike in lead generation.

Partner With Another Small Business

Consider which businesses in your area might have a similar customer base as you. For example, a menswear retailer might share customers with a tailor. Especially if another business is starting in the same or an adjacent industry, you might form a strategic alliance with them. So, anyone who buys a suit from the menswear store would receive a discount on alterations at your tailor shop. This method is especially effective if the other business is willing to advertise the promotion as well. These partnerships can be mutually beneficial as both of your businesses grow. 

While there are many ways to attract new customers to your business, it's important to be patient. Growth doesn't happen overnight. However, with the right techniques up front and an emphasis on customer service, you can watch your customer base expand. Your newest leads could eventually become your most loyal clients.

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