4 Ways AI is Changing the Way People Write

By Ernest Hamilton , Nov 22, 2019 10:50 AM EST
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is threatening jobs with automation, but AI is also helping shape the way that people write. Machine learning and adaption has allowed many programs to help writers, from editing to paraphrasing and checking for plagiarism.

The key ways that AI is changing the way people write are:

1. Market Analyzation

Copywriters need to match the pain points and tone of their audience. A lot of research goes into the process, but AI has the potential to take much of this research away from the writer. We're not close to having AI replace a copywriter, but AI may soon offer insights into markets, such as which voice to use.

Format recommendations and creating content that is more refined for the audience can all be done with AI.

2. Grammarly's AI and NLP to Improve Writing

Grammarly has been a leader in helping writers write better. The platform is not meant to take over the way people write. Instead, Grammarly acts as an AI-powered writing assistant. You'll be able to make your writing more succinct, and common mistakes will be corrected for you.

There are over 20 million people that use the platform for their writing.

Premium features will also be able to help writers enhance their sentence structure. You can use the platform to check against plagiarism, too.

Grammarly helps with genre-specific style checks, too.

3. Plagiarism Checkers are Advancing

Machine learning is helping to reduce the amount of plagiarism that is taking place worldwide. Universities and publishers have to dig deep into papers to be able to tell if the paper was plagiarized. 

But AI is making it easier than ever to spot plagiarism.

Tools are available that will check content against billions of websites to see if it was plagiarized. As someone that has used these tools extensively, they are starting to get "smarter."

The accuracy is getting better, while false positives have fallen. Emma Identity is a self-learning algorithm that will learn how people write and be able to detect authorship of a piece.

4. Paraphrasing with Automation

We're still a very long way from AI being able to put together full papers that are coherent. But we're starting to see glimpses of what the future holds with companies like Quillbot. The company's paraphrasing tool is able to take a paragraph and paraphrase it.

While far from being able to write complete novels or articles, the tool shows how AI can coherently recreate sentences.

Keep in mind that you need to put information into the platform for the paraphrasing to work properly. It's a step forward in AI helping with writing, and it's just the beginning of what AI may be able to achieve in the long-term.

Artificial intelligence is shaping the way that people write already. Big data will further improve the ability of AI so that it's possible to write with real-time information, increased vocabulary and even adjust our writing to match the voice of the audience.

These four ways that AI is changing the way people write is just the start of how technology assists with writing.

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