Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Students in 2020

By Ernest Hamilton , Nov 22, 2019 11:12 AM EST
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Regardless of which grade a student is in, the computer is an integral part of every classroom.  This makes keyboards one of the most important computer philepherals students need to pay attention to for comfort and good ergonomics.

Traditional keyboards tend to strain one's back, neck, shoulders, eyes, and more importantly, their wrists, especially after spending extended periods of time typing. In the long run, such repeated instances take a toll on students' bodies as they bring about a lot of discomfort and lead to severe strain injuries.

Growing medical research has increased awareness on this issue which in turn explains the increased popularity and availability of ergonomic computing peripherals, especially the keyboard.  For students, ergonomic keyboards are to a large extent the most important of these accessories given that they offer much-needed succour from work fatigue which results from straining hands or wrists.

To this end, below is a list of the best ergonomic keyboards based on design, affordability, and a variety of user needs.

Most Ergonomic: Kinesis Advantage2

This uniquely-shaped keyboard is superior to other ergonomic setups due to its ability to prevent complications that stem from prolonged typing periods. Its layout is designed to correct the hand posture and minimize the amount of strain on one's fingers.Slant magazine summarizes the Kinesis Advantage2 as the best option for enjoyable, rested and productive programming. As compared to regular keyboards, the Kinesis Advantage 2 is sculpted to allow for a more natural fit, thus, creating a rested, safe and enjoyable programming posture. 

Best for the Office: Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt is an excellent all around ergonomic keyboard for the office, made even better with the addition of a palm rest. Its wave-like form, a slightly curved architecture and dome shape combine to minimize awkward hand posture as you type.

With the wrist positioned naturally, the keyboard's dome-like shape raises each of the keys in a bid to allow for outward rotation of one's wrists. This goes a long way in relieving strain on the ulnar nerves. Ergonomic Trends awarded the Microsoft Sculpt the best split ergonomic keyboard for its long term comfort at a reasonable price.

Best Anti-Microbial: Fellowes Microban

Germ-conscious students tend to have a hard time coping with fellow students, but the Fellowes Microban was specifically designed for such individuals.

It comprises of a split-key layout and a body design that has been curved quite generously for optimal comfort. However, its most standout feature is the anti-bacterial coating that is meant to ward off all manners of micro-organisms.

This makes it the most suitable ergonomic keyboard for use in open, public spaces. It is especially best for students who frequently share work stations with fellow students.

Most Affordable: Perixx PERIBOARD-512

The Perixx PERIBOARD-512 takes the spot for one of the best ergonomic keyboards under $40. The split keyboard layout allows for a more natural hand and wrist resting position while typing. On the other hand, its inbuilt palm-rest makes sure that users are comfortable regardless of how long they speed typing. 

The Periboard-512 can be bought on Amazon.

Best Mouse & Keyboard Combo: Logitech MK550

The Logitech MK550 bundle is one of the most solid options for students with aching tendons and wrists given its wave-like form, according to PC-World. It boasts of a contoured keyboard, a very smooth mouse, and a curved design, all of which build towards its ergonomic appeal.

It also features an inbuilt palm rest which offers support to your wrist and, thus, allowing you to position your fingers more naturally on the keyboard. Other notable traits include a wide range of programmable hotkeys and a spacious design that suits all kinds of typists.

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