Improving Customer Experience through Effective Retail Marketing by SMS

By Eric Hamilton , Nov 24, 2019 11:40 PM EST
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In a modern consumer culture, it is often how you sell things that matter more than what you are selling. The way of transforming possibilities into paying clientele is what the marketing game is all about and if you care to build a successful business, there's an equal need to focus on both marketing as well as a consumer experience. 

With online shopping agents like Amazon captivating consumer attention, it's a hard time for brick-and-mortar retailers. However, there still are a lot of old-school tricks in the book that work like magic in luring consumers to retail stores, like bulk SMS with textlocal. 

What Is Retail Marketing?

A retailer is the third stump on the supply chain. When finished goods and services pass hands from the manufacturer to the distributor and on to the retailer, it falls under the scope of retail marketing. From small business marketing to effective selling strategy of big brands, in retail, there are Four Ps to take care of- product, price, place, and promotion. 

After deciding the nature of the product, price scheme, and a viable place for conducting business, it's time to focus on promotion. There is a broad range of promotional tactics, including-- 

  • Personal Selling- This could be done through door-to-door sales.

  • Advertising- This may include big-budget Billboards, promotional launches, brand ambassadors.

  • Direct Marketing- Covers digital marketing, or small-scale promotional pitches, as by bulk SMS or WhatsApp Business, couponing, TV commercials, insert media, and more. 

Scope of Retail Marketing with Text Message 

The good news for start-ups and small businesses is that inexpensive marketing strategies like text message promotions can yield as good a result as any other. You can improve retail customer experience with SMS marketing by exploring it in several ways.

Let us take a quick look into direct marketing maneuvers with text messages that haven't failed all through the last decade--

Special Offer Notifications

Keep your customers in the loop about special offers coming and going out. There are better chances for prospective clients to read SMSs than email newsletters since SMSs don't get auto-spammed. Highlight how much your clients can save and take advantage of short time offers. Keep the average 160 character messages super-cheerful!

Purchase Information Texts

Send your customers the price break-up for their purchases to confirm your role as a responsible seller. Sending delivery information texts are also a great way to raise the standard of customer experience. You may also add a fine touch to the texts with a note of thanks.

New Stock Landing Notifications

Notify your customers of new stocks to keep them engaged with the growth of your brand. Sending cordial invitations to visit retail stores again is a big part of any on-going WhatsApp business module, as it is with SMS marketing too. In the matter of SMS vs WhatsApp business, the latter opens up a great scope for multichannel marketing, like links to websites and multimedia that can be attached more effectively in WhatsApp messages. 

Get onboard retail marketing with text messages with textlocal services now!

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