Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the Future of eCommerce and Marketplace?

Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the Future of eCommerce and Marketplace?
Photo : Why Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the Future of eCommerce and Marketplace?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps and its main purpose is to offer hassle-free fast access to information via the internet. Since 51.3% of web traffic is generated from the mobile device, stratifying the mobile user is highly important to ensure the growth of any business. PWA has unique adaptability features that can analyze the user interest and present the vital information at the key spot which eventually drives more traffic.

In this competitive world, sparing some time for recreational purposes has become hard. Time is real money. Considering this fact, thousands of eCommerce websites are now serving the customers. Think about Aliexpress, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. They are the leading eCommerce site serving millions of customers across the globe. Traditional webpages can't deal with such large number requests from the user end and eventually results in a super slow loading page. But with the help of PWA, you can improve the page loading time and ensure maximum satisfaction of your clients. Though there are several reasons for which PWA is considered as the future of eCommerce and market place, we are going to highlight the major factors.

Hassle-free user interface

PWA allows the customers to enjoy the benefits of the native app without getting into the trouble of installing new apps. Most importantly, you can add a shortcut in the home screen and access your desired eCommerce or market place with a single tap. The neat user interface and fast loading time help to gain the trust of the users. The bounce rate also drops significantly when you can present relevant information to your desired customers. As you become a frequent user of certain eCommerce or marketplace websites developed on PWA, the loading time will also improve since the app cache data in the background.

Real-time update

The eCommerce and marketplace are always bringing new offers to their customers. Logging into their platform at the perfect time might provide a huge discount. Since PWA apps offer push notification, you won't have to miss any new offers made from the companies. And developing such a unique PWA is not all hard. It is much more efficient in terms of cost and user satisfaction levels. Unlike your traditional apps, you no longer need to update the app to stay tuned with the market place or eCommerce website.

Offline access

Most of the web applications require constant internet connections to browse the sites. But PWA sites don't require constant access to the internet. Since it caches data based on the client's interest, you can easily access the vital information, products and learn more about the premium offers even in offline mode. Those who are thinking, such applications will require massive data usage is making a big mistake. Due to optimized source code, it consumes less data which eventually saves money and reduces the load on battery in mobile devices.

Easy development process

PWA sites are easy to develop and the cost is very low compared to native apps. Most importantly, you don't have to hire professionals to fix the bugs and bring updates to your apps regularly. Just hiring the right professionals will cut down the cost of setting an eCommerce site to a great extent. But this doesn't mean you will get an inferior product from the PWA developers. Your site will be accessible within a blink of an eye across the globe regardless of the number of active users.

Fits the trending need

People are getting more biased with a user-friendly app. Due to low patience levels, they are not willing to wait in an eCommerce site with high loading time. PWA solves all these issues and reduces your cost to maintain the eCommerce or marketplace website. Most importantly, it keeps your business updated with the trending need of your customers. You also have the chance to collect vital information from the user end which will eventfully help you in the refabrication of inventory.

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