How to Grow Your Company's Digital Footprint with no Personal Experience

How to Grow Your Company's Digital Footprint with no Personal Experience
Photo : How to Grow Your Company's Digital Footprint with no Personal Experience

Utilizing newly developed software to make your business run smoother and more efficiently will help you grow a thriving business. However, this can be difficult for business owners that want the benefits of new technology but who are not tech-savvy enough to work through the bugs themselves. 

When testing out new software features and monitoring new releases, you may need help. You can experiment at scale with the company Split, which allows you to do the testing and debugging without the stress and aggravation of trying to figure everything out on your own. This service will enable you to continually improve your website, making it more functional and user-friendly.

Building a process online requires an intimate knowledge of SEO, Google Algorithms, social media, A/B testing, online ads, blogging, and more. Often, business owners do not have the resources to hire someone to oversee their online presence, but they also do not have the knowledge to do it themselves. 

SEO services like link labs can help companies fill in some of their needs without hiring someone on staff. A company can outsource their SEO needs to link labs and rest assured. For many small to medium business owners, the idea of outsourcing often brings resistance due to the desire to avoid unneeded expenses.

However, all business owners need to remember that their time is valuable and wasting their time on tasks that will take them hours, as opposed to minutes is a waste of money. For example, if it takes you eight hours to update your website, but you could pay a professional $50 to do everything you were planning to do for you, you are saving money because you will be able to focus on the tasks that need your attention.

You also need to develop an understanding of how online advertising works. You will need to get a holistic view of social media advertising as well as Google advertising to appreciate what options will be best for your business, given your target audience. You can then create a few ads and conduct A/B tests to determine which ads are the most effective at driving people to your website.

If you find you are getting a lot of traffic to your website, but not a lot of buyers, you know your ads are effective, but your website is not. You can then employ professionals to help you improve your website. The problems with your site could range from poor graphics to confusing navigation. You also need to pay attention to the loading speed of each page. The average online shopper will wait less than four seconds for a web page to load before going back to their search results.

Another way to grow your company's digital footprint is to explore all avenues of free marketing. One idea is to provide sample products to famous bloggers, who may be interested in promoting your website as an affiliate. You can also maintain an active blog of articles that will interest your target audience and share them prolifically through social media.

Another way to get marketing for your website is to appear as a guest blogger on other popular sites. If you have knowledge and information that is relevant to your audience, you can look for online avenues that will allow you to contribute articles with a link back to your website. Guest blogging will increase traffic while also establishing you as a trusted authority.

Many online business owners hope for something they post to go viral. While that can provide an instant boost in sales, you need to maintain a long view of your goal and have strategies in place to steadily grow your following and sustain customer loyalty.

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