Buying a Switch This Year? 5 Distinctive Accessories and Games to Grab.

By Staff Reporter , Dec 03, 2019 09:46 PM EST
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Perfect for adults and kids alike, the Nintendo Switch has exploded in popularity since its release in 2017. What makes the Switch unique is its ability to transform from a gaming system you can play on your tv at home to a portable console. So, if you plan on purchasing a Switch or are putting in a good word with Santa, here are 5 must-have games and accessories.

1.    Ring Fit Adventure 

This recently released kit is meant to make you move! It comes with a game, Ring-Con accessory and a leg strap. Turn on the game and step into a world where you battle enemies, travel across lands and rebuild your health with exercise. The leg strap and Ring-Con track your movements so every bend, twist, and squat counts. You can also play minigames, create custom workouts, or use your Ring-Con without the game to get some reps in while watching tv or reading a magazine.

2.    Nintendo Labo

If you loved those build-it-yourself kits growing up, Nintendo Labo is a pretty sweet modern version of it. With a Labo kit, you can create a robot suit, vehicles, and VR accessories. Furthermore, the game is already included so you have everything you need to get started. Just follow the instruction on the screen, assemble your project and then incorporate the Switch system at the end. In no time at all, you can build a Toy-Con camera, piano, RC car and so much more.

3.    Mario Maker 2

If you ever wanted to create your own video game, use that Best Buy gift card you got for your birthday and pick up Mario Maker 2. This side-scroller game allows you to create your own level in Course Maker mode. Add all of the elements and characters you love from the Mario series into your level. After you make it, play your level and share it with others. Important side note, you can only share your course with others when you're a member of Nintendo Switch Online. Get a 3-month membership for just $7.99. It's worth it considering all of the extra features and content you get.

 However, if you're in the mood to just play a fun game, there is a Story Mode option available. This includes 100+ courses as you work your way through the game rebuilding Princess Peach's Castle.

4.    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

While this game came out in 2018, it is still a fan-favorite in the Switch community. As Link, you can explore new lands, battle enemies, solve puzzles, and pick-up and drop gear as needed in this open-world game. There is plenty to do and see which is why most user ratings revolve around how addictive and fun this game is.

Plus, the game is amiibo compatible. amiibos are another accessory you can add to your arsenal of Switch gear. They are figures with NFC chips you can buy that can level up your in-game character with special items, new challenges, and customization options. To ensure the amiibo you want will work with the game, visit for a comprehensive chart.

5.    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Toyoko 2020

Beloved video game characters never truly go away. In the early 90s, Sonic and Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. battled it out for kids' attention. If you grew up torn between your love for that speedy hedgehog and those loveable plumbers, this game is for you. Choose from select characters you know and love from either game and compete in Olympic sports such as track and field, football, swimming and more.

Additionally, be reminded of the good old days when you choose from 10 2D Olympic challenges featuring Sonic, Mario, and the rest of the gang. Use the Switch remote like you would a classic controller or try out the motion setting. Either way you play, this game is best enjoyed with friends. So, invite some people to your place and select multiplayer mode for a fun night in.  

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