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Showing Love and Appreciation as a Geek

By Maine Li , Dec 06, 2019 08:35 AM EST
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As a Geek, you can love and be loved with the energy of atoms, and whilst the overwhelming feeling of "falling in love" is not usually your experience, the love you feel is more real, and it will happen, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Your people are there to be found. You will love them, and they will love you. Then you will meet someone who fits every funny angle you have, making you wonder why you ever had any doubts. Here are some ways to show your love and appreciation of all these people in your life as a Geek. 

Pay attention to your appearance

Geeks are known to focus less on their appearance than most. When meeting with people you care about, dressing well, in a style that suits you best, shows love and respect to the people you will be spending time with. Making an effort with your appearance shows that you care about the feelings of others. Also take care of personal hygiene, since few people want to spend time with someone who looks and smells like they have been living in a cave for a couple of months.

Celebrate your relationship

Nurture your relationships by celebrating with your friends and family.  In a romantic relationship, never forget your anniversary and other days that celebrate love. These should always include a precious gift. Valentine's Day gift ideasinclude a piece of beautiful jewellery which you can add to over the years. You can also gift something handmade such as a love letter or a jar of date night ideas that you can share over the next year. 

Be complimentary

Whilst looks may not be the most important thing in the world to you, offer a compliment to someone who has made an effort with their appearance and looks particularly good. It is nice to have one's efforts noticed and admired. Also, be complimentary about the achievements in their life that are important to them. If they are learning a new skill, your genuine pride and compliments at new levels of achievement will show your love.

Support their interests

As a Geek, you get to meet others just as geeky at online and at conventions. Meeting someone who has never seen an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation may see you handing over your DVD box set with a handcrafted viewing guide, so they see the best scenes first, but not everyone gets it. If they do, that's great, if they don't that's OK too. Supporting other people's interests shows love and appreciation that this is an individual free to be who they truly are, in the same way, you can be the Geek you are proud to be. 

Don't take yourself too seriously

Life does not always make sense. Whilst there may be family pressures to be in a romantic relationship, just enjoy spending time with your friends without fretting about whether you are now a boyfriend or girlfriend. Just relax and enjoy the companionship and remember that laughter and good humour are the most attractive traits appreciated in friends and loved ones. 

Give time, time

Continue to develop your skills in showing love and appreciation to those you spend a lot of time with. Anyone can become skilled, given enough time and practice. This creates confidence, and confidence is attractive. There is no age limit to learning to prioritise the feelings of and for our loved ones and no time limit either since our needs change over time as our circumstances change. 

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