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By Ernest Hamilton , Dec 12, 2019 10:55 PM EST
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Your car would always need the best of all security systems as it is an expensive commodity. The car is the best friend of a man whenever he travels. But, cars are very prone to theft. To ensure the lack of thefts, there are some methods such as car registration and proper naming of the number of plates. The feature such as free license plate search is the best and the easiest method to protect your car. This will let you know about the exact features of the vehicle you are wishing to buy. The free license plate search is going to enable you to know about the history of your vehicle in a proper manner. The information provided by the license plate search is invaluable as they contain the history of the vehicle along with the accidents it has met or the times it has been totaled.

Other than this excellent method, the other options to ensure security are:

Safety On keyless entry system

This is a deadbolt like security system which ensures an optimum lock for large cars. It is a system that protects your car from most of the thefts and burglaries. It is a confusing system for thieves. The one with the intention of stealing your car will sweat out thinking which section to focus on. Thus, this facility makes your car a safety vault of a bank.

The key features are:

  • The transmitter range is 33 yards.

  • Combination of key entry with deadlock vault.

  • Standard door locks are removed or modernized.

  • The switch is of the override method.

  • This is mainly made for campers.

Carlock advanced real-time car tracker and alert system

The system is that of a smartphone alarm system that uses the OBD2 data link in your car to ensure its location and safety. For people who do not like the complex system of connecting every system of the car to ensure the security, this is a very good option. The feature does not always give protection to your car but there are additional features of showing the battery life. The service charge must be paid every month to renew the service of the alarm system.

The key features of these cars are:

  • Smartphone-based system of alert for the cars.

  • Monitoring of on-road Dynamics and tracking.

  • Multiple sensors on the car to find out the lost cars.

  • The virtual mechanic is onboard.

  • The play and plug of OBD2 are present.

Directed electronics python 5706P responder LC3 SST

Like most of the car alert systems, this is a system that is highly economic for your car because of its long durability and good replacement options. It gives a 1 mile of connection radius. It is a sensory system that has a number of sensory devices and a good level of safety measures. It gives a variety of other options for your car as well. It gives you an update on your car even when you are far away from it. It has expandable qualities of protection over the area diameter and the virtual section as well. This is quite an amazing alert system for the car.

The key features for this car are:

  • LCD pager is about 1 Mile in radius and is very sensitive.

  • It has a remote start option.

  • Feedback is multiple as confirmation.

  • Sensitivity levels are adjustable in nature.

  • The shock sensor is built-in.

  • The Parker meter has a timer.

  • Inputs are multiply supported.

The remote confirms the commands with icons, text, tones, and vibrations display. It contains CD SST remote

Avital 5303L security/ remote start system

This good looking device has the facility of providing hefty security and a remotely operated support system for your car. The backlight LCD screen makes it easier to control for the user. The system is very sensitive and provides you with the exact details of what is happening to your car. The sensor features of this system can be chosen. The adjustable nature of these sensory options makes the system more attractive.

The key features are:

  • Keyless start system.

  • LCD and standard connection system.

  • The security is of multiple levels.

  • Arming is active and passive.

  • Panic mode is present.

Pyle car alarm security system

This has a loud 120 decibel alarm system and is really good for shoving off the car thieves. This is a built in feature. It has override features and 2 auxiliary channels are also present in it. The feature is well appreciated in most of the genres of people as the system of siren remains the oldest notion of security in the mind if any person.

The key features are:

  • The locking mechanism is ignition based.

  • 120 dB siren present.

  • Override in case of an emergency.

  • Valet mode can be induced.

  • Alarming is active and passive.

  • Auxiliary outputs are 2 in number.

These are some really good methods to ensure the security of your car. Install one of these security systems along with the free license plate search, and your car will be perfectly safe in all conditions from any kind of theft. The car thefts are increasing quite rapidly in all quarters of the world. The thefts are occurring mainly due to the negligence of the owners who fail to administer any of these security measures in their cars. These are really good features which must be set up in any car to provide them with a proper amount of security. The measures must be taken to protect your vehicle as it is your asset. The car is an important asset for you and your family. 

The features mentioned above are the best measures you can adopt to protect your car. The security measures are not the features that you add to your car for the sake of its benefit. These features are mostly linked to your smartphone and they are not tedious to add to add. You must avail the first opportunity to set these in for the safety of your car

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