4 Reasons to Start Practicing Hip-Hop in College

In recent years, hip hop has become very popular on college campuses. Different colleges now offer hip hop courses from business, sociological, and historical perspectives, among others. Some have even received a lot of media attention and it looks like this trend is here to stay. 

For some students, they don't see hip hop just as a hobby. They have the willingness to do more than just take a course or two on hip hop. For them, hip hop is a culture, a part of their identity, and something they need to do. Whether you're one such student or you are simply interested in hip hop, here are some reasons to start practicing it in college...

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1. For self-expression and to deal with stress more effectively

Hip hop dance is an energetic and popular dance genre that's typically accompanied by hip hop music. Young people all across the globe love this genre, thus, making it quite popular in recent years. By practicing hip hop, you can learn how to express yourself freely. As far as sports for students go, this is no less enjoyable. 

Through hip hop, you can exercise your body while showing your love for life. It also offers you a new way to express yourself and deal with life's stresses more effectively. Hip hop dance can also show how good you feel and how ready you are to face - and overcome - challenges. 

2. To improve health

This is one of the most important reasons to practice hip hop. Try attending hip hop dance classes to improve your physical fitness - it even helps enhance your mental clarity. When you dance, it gives you emotional stability too. All of these come from the perfect combination of music and movements that are part of hip hop. 

Apart from physical health, practicing hip hop can also improve your academics. Through this type of dance, you can learn a number of valuable skills whether they be technical, kinetic, electronic, verbal, and more. Simple as this practice may seem, it can have a profound effect on all aspects of your life. 

3. It promotes unity

Before searching for "hip hop dance classes near me," you should know that this practice also promotes unity. It's a hugely important area of study which is why it has been a very common topic in the field of academic inquiry. 

With its rich history, under-represented students and students of color in college universities can teach this dance. This gives them more confidence as they see themselves in positions of authority where they can share something and not just stand in the background. 

If you want to practice hip hop, you should first understand where it comes from. You don't have to worry about being too busy for hip hop as you can take a help with your college assignment to help you accomplish your other tasks. That way, you can learn about how people of color invented hip hop and how you can learn so much more about this cultural phenomenon. 

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4. Increases creativity

Since hip hop is also a dance form, it has the potential to increase your creativity. One way to do this is through "sampling," a king of appropriation present in all kinds of hip hop expressions. 

Here, you take something useful - like a sound, a movement or an idea and then make something new from it. You can combine all the things you find useful and combine everything together to create something new. This is one of the things you can learn through hip hop.

There is also something known as "kinetic consumption" where you use your feelings to engage with the world. Essentially, this is the "hip hop" way. First and foremost, hip hop is something that's meant to be felt. This means that the more you practice it, the more in-tune you become with the world. 


When you can't find the words to express yourself or your emotions, you can do so through hip hop dance. This can be the newfound hobby in your life that you can use to make yourself feel better when facing great adversity or sorrow. With so many students practicing hip hop now, you will always find someone to dance with.

Let's face it, there's nothing like hip hop dance to release pent-up emotions. If you feel like you want others to understand you, do it through dance! With all the other reasons we have just presented to you, it's no surprise that hip hop has grown in popularity and continues to become a well-loved favorite in schools everywhere you go. 

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