How Technology Can Help You Save Money

How Technology Can Help You Save Money
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Despite technology's many promises of making life easier and less complex, sometimes it can start to feel like you spend all your time, energy, and most importantly, your money on making sure your phone, tablet and other devices don't become obsolete. However, there are many ways in which technology can help you save money. From apps to comparison shopping engines and more, there are many tools available for your mobile devices or computer that can significantly lower your expenses such as an an ipad rental.

Lower Monthly Payments from the Comfort of Your Own Home

From health insurance to auto insurance, life insurance and more, you can compare prices online for substantial savings, all from your home instead of tireless phone calls or having to meet in person for a pressured sale. Even mortgage rates and yields on checking and savings accounts are among the things you can check comparison rates for using online tools.

Many people do not realize that student loans can be refinanced for lower rates. Lower interest rates can not only mean a break on the monthly budget, but more importantly, saving significantly over the life of the loan. However, researching the best interest rates can be overwhelming. This is where technology comes in. By securing the best deal online, you can select a payment that meets your budget requirements by consolidating federal and private loans into an affordable payment to rid your student loan debt balance on terms of your choosing.

Monitor and Manage Your Resource Use

There are a number of different systems you can use to monitor your energy use in your home. For example, Smart Grid technology can show you where you are using the most electricity and what appliances might be costing you money. You can also get devices that manage your energy use. There are smart thermostats that will build an energy-saving pattern for your home. Others can detect whether people are in the room and adjust the temperature accordingly. Smart power strips can stop appliances from using any energy when they are not active while smart sprinkler systems can determine when you need to water your lawn based on the weather and may detect whether you have any leaks. With smart shower heads, there is no wait for the water to heat up, and the flow and temperature is adjusted automatically. Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers are also increasingly designed to choose the money-saving options.

Remote Controlled Homes

In addition to technology that tells you how much energy you are using and makes adjustments for you, you can also get devices that are connected to Wi-Fi that allow you to control temperature, lights and other things in your home from afar. You may be aware that fluorescent bulbs can save you money compared to incandescent bulbs, but did you know that you can get smart light bulbs that you can dim or control in other ways using remote control? Some smart sprinklers also allow you to control them remotely. Some are even remotely voice-controlled, allowing you to manage when they are turned on and off using Google or Alexa. 

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