4 Rapidly Growing Tech Industries That Desperately Need Educated Workers

4 Rapidly Growing Tech Industries That Desperately Need Educated Workers
Photo : 4 Rapidly Growing Tech Industries That Desperately Need Educated Workers

In the world today, there's no more suitable or conducive place for doing business than in the US. The US has been known to offer an unbeatable environment, market, and a level playing field for startups to grow their business. Over time, businesses have solidified after gaining years of experience and evolving into an industry. As these industries grow and make their way to relevance there's a constant need for the industry to overcome challenges in which one is employing skilled or educated workers.

In this article, we'd be looking at four of the fastest growing industries who in some ways use technology and are in constant need of employees. The industries that would be brought to you are industries that show a good employability rate and annual sales increase. For fresh graduate looking to make a decision on a career path as well as people seeking a change in career paths, it is important to understand the place of future job growth as this would be key in making the right decision as you wouldn't want to delve into a dwindling industry.

These industries are growing rapidly and beyond that constantly need employees based on the nature of the job. It would be interesting to note that these jobs require a high technical level. It is also good to know that the health risk attached to any industry ought to be properly evaluated, the opportunity of swapping jobs in the same industry or totally leaving the industry ought to be analyzed as much as possible. Learn and grow on the job as this is key to personal development and fulfillment irrespective of the workload. Without further ado, here are the top fastest-growing industries.

Internet Publishing and Web Research

This industry is an encapsulation of the digital marketing world in which the Internet is the new marketplace. This basically involves buying and selling on the internet with the use of content. This industry has a lot of varying opportunities and variations from email marketing, content, and copywriting, web researcher, e-commerce facilitator among others. The possibilities in this new field are endless as communication is a huge part of our lives.

The employment growth from 2009 to 2019 is 172.1%, with an expected employment total of 250,000. The wage rate during this period will surge by 58.5%. Since the decline in the paper industry that saw the number of staff fall but employment on the internet publishing world sky-rocketed. This is seen as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.  The average annual income for this category saw a 58% increase from $110,777 to $175,566. As long as everyone uses computers and gadgets this is an industry that would remain relevant. There's an expected 15% boom in employment opportunities in this sector till the year 2022. 


This is a highly-skilled sector that requires the use of state-of-the-art equipment and vast knowledge of technological tools and software that can speed up work done and increase precision. Jobs in this sector include architecture, engineering, supervisory services, laborers, contractors, and a lot more. This industry saw a 14% sales increase through the year, 96,400 jobs are projected to be added by the year 2024. There should be an estimated 265,400 jobs in 2024. The average annual pay for a worker is $38,000, a manager is $101,000 and steelworkers $56,940 with an employment growth rate of 11%. 

Mental Health Practitioners 

These are individuals actively engaged in taking care of emotionally derailed individuals, psychotic tendencies, and the elderly. They include social workers, nurses, therapists, and doctors. In the past decade, mental health has seen more than eight times more employment growth than the national employment growth rate of 5.4%. It had a huge 58% employment growth rate. The epileptic rise in opioid addiction led to this growth. Substance Abuse Counselors account for 18% of all U.S. mental health practitioners. The total number of employment within this frame is 92,169. The wage growth was a whopping 376.6%. The average salary is $57,178.

Marijuana Cultivation and Dispensaries

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., marijuana is widely used for therapeutic and recreational purposes and different states have varying laws guiding its use. Though the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug, it has a caveat that allows patients to use it under the "right to try" bill. 

Eleven states have legalized the use of marijuana recreationally while thirty-three states have legalized it medically for therapeutic purposes only. More and more states are seeing the opportunities available in making it fully legal, it gives them control to regulate and monitor its usage while making huge amounts from it.

Another reason marijuana is gaining a huge market is that many states have legalized two more qualifying conditions; chronic pain and anxiety. This has radically doubled if not tripled its relevance in the market. Its revenue as of last year was pegged at $9 billion. The industry added 64,400 jobs last year. With a projection of sales hitting $25 billion in 2025 via the dispensaries. The cannabis industry has a plethora of job openings ranging from cultivators, processors, dispensary managers, analysts, lab technicians lots more. The average salary of the cultivator earns $104,000, the dispensary manager earns $70,000. 

These industries are rapidly growing and are always on the lookout to employ new workers to fill the growing void. If you choose any of these fields you can be sure to have an exciting career provided you have the required skills.

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