How Mobile Phone Recycling is About to Take the Hit?

By Staff Reporter , Jan 03, 2020 02:04 PM EST
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Millions of people are associated with mobile phone recycling across the globe. The reason why there are so many people involved with mobile phone recycling is the fact that most of the old devices get refurbished and getting them refurbished involves many people and as the dynamics of global mobile phone industry are complex, these devices sometimes move across the globe to get a get settled in a new home. Used mobile phones and broken mobile phones get sold to several people and companies before they reach their final destination.

The dynamics of mobile phone industry are complex globally as most of the countries and regions have different favourite vendors and the demands of every market are different which in most cases is directly related to the purchasing power of the users. There are sellers, brokers, buyers, technicians, recyclers, parts manufacturers, couriers along with many other professionals and their establishments involved in mobile phone recycling. Mobile phones have been recycled since they have become a popular gadget. In the start mobile phones were expensive and the product life cycle of mobile phones in the 1980s was more than 4 years or so slowly and steadily the life cycle of mobile phones started getting shorten.

And now in 2020, the product life cycle of mobile phone is on average less than 16 months and it is expected that within a year the mobile phone product life cycle will get lesser than 12 months. Mobile phone recycling companies work following the demand and supply of the country the perform in. For instance, in the UK the mobile phone recycling service is much different than the mobile phone recycling companies in Thailand or China. In the UK, the mobile phones are refurbished and resold but if the work is more than the cost of the mobile phone then the mobile phones are used for parts and then these mobile phones are sent to countries where the labour is much cheaper and the repair costs are lower.

But 2020 brings a new challenge to mobile phone recycling as there are millions of mobile phones which are about to be absolute within the next few years in the developed countries duet o massive advancements in 5G technology. This also happened in 2010 when the mobile phone networks upgraded from 3G to 4G but now it much different as there are few hundred million more mobile phone users and now the rate at which users adopt new technology is much higher than ever before. In true terms, we are about to enter a new age where everything will be based on technology. And due to this massive change in technology, it's been noted that the older mobile phones especially the ones which we are using nowadays would be much less desirable as they are today.

The mobile phones we have in use nowadays are 4G at least majority of them and for a mobile phone to receive 5G signals the mobile phone needs to have a 5G modem. Only a few vendors have been successful in launching 5G mobile phones but the networks have taken the lead in this aspect and have already started shifting people to 5G contracts and have started selling expensive contracts with 5G mobile phones. Apple yet has to come out with 5G iPhone. You should be looking forward to selling your mobile phone if you are concerned about your mobile phone losing its value. Especially in the case where you are using an iPhone because Apple has yet to come out with its first 5G mobile phone. This is one of the reasons since the launch of iPhone X iPhones are struggling to keep up with their price.  

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