4 Technology Shaping Social Media Platforms To Serve You Better

4 Technology Shaping Social Media Platforms To Serve You Better
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Technology with its fast advancement has already infiltrated almost every aspect of your daily lives and social media platforms are one of the biggest recipients of its strong influence. 

And in terms of social media, we are seeing a lot of positive improvements with technology by its side. So, now and in the future, here's how technology is shaping social media for the better. 

  1. Targeted Marketing with AI

There's been no tech half as innovative as AI in improving social media. Thanks to this tech, each social media platform has a personalized algorithm which helps put the contents that they believe their audience enjoy the most. And this is why you do not always see stories or posts from all brands and friends you follow. 

The tech is also notorious in the marketing sector. Today, you can curate an advertisement for your particular audience and pay to only have that ad reach only the people who are most likely to get engaged. This way, you will not waste money trying to get it out to everyone. 

In addition, it helps in the automation of marketing, improving the way that data collection tools and bots can maximize engagement and collect valuable insights to help improve your campaign. 

In simpler terms, AI is crucial in making your social media marketing efforts for more effective campaigns and reducing the amount of time that you spend on each platform. 

  1. Security and Privacy Features

If you have not been hacked on social media yet, you probably know someone already has. Social media is a hacker's favorite target since it is super easy to gain access to an account and personal data. 

And with over 600 Facebook accounts compromised every single day, this has heightened the perception of the general public on security and privacy. We are seeing a shift in engagement and adoption on social media profiles which is related to the aversion to tech addiction and increasing awareness on the negative impact of techs. 

Now, social companies are prioritizing the privacy and security of their user accounts with techs such multi-factor authentication to avoid tech-driven attacks. 

  1. Augmented Reality

In addition to AI, AR has also been linked with the future of social media. We have already seen significant engagement with AR tools such as lenses and filters for photos and interactive tools from their businesses. 

You can also turn yourself into a 3D bitmoji and share it with your audience. AS exciting as these innovations are, AR can do more for social media. Sooner or later, you will start to see AR advancements such as live events, virtual stores, AR videos and more with the power of AR. 

These experiences are highly shareable and relatable and they provide an amazing opportunity for consumers and brands to connect at a more personal level. 

  1. Communication Medium

Social media has now taken communication to a whole new level, offering a personal element to each interaction for businesses and individuals. It also created the need to communicate faster and expanding audience reach with more followers, which in turn brings new methods and businesses like Famoid's services to buy social media followers.

Social media communication also helps create a new platform for millennials who do not turn on the news to be aware of current events and to their surroundings. Communication with social media helps creates a sense of urgency and the basic need to share which helps both consumers and brands make a difference. Things like Instagram Stories and Snapchat puts a higher emphasis on clear and rapid communication that you simply can't get anywhere else. 

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