How Long Should a Laptop Battery Last?

How Long Should a Laptop Battery Last?
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Laptops are a vital part of almost everybody's life nowadays, some even more than others. Whether you use your laptop for everyday work or simply browse the internet in your leisure time, people look for laptops whose batteries would last the longest. However, batteries, just like anything else, have a lifespan. So, when you purchase a laptop, it's important to know how long that laptop battery is known to survive and choose your laptop accordingly. 

There are also a few ways one can enhance a laptop's battery performance and delay the inevitable. 

  • The Average Lifespan of Laptop Batteries.

Laptop batteries are very sophisticated little gadgets. Yet, with the ever so developing technology, they are quite disposable. According to many users, laptop batteries usually last about two to four years depending on usage and brand quality. When your battery is new or in good shape, it should last an average of six hours on one charge. As the battery gets older, that time becomes less, and the battery can become less efficient. Other contributing factors can be the number of software applications open on the device, internet activity, and screen display settings like brightness or moving screensavers. 

  • Factors Affecting Laptop Batteries

Laptop batteries are bound to get less efficient with age. That is due to a number of factors which mainly hinge on how one uses their device. Nevertheless, there are some ways to delay such issue and get the most out of your laptop battery for long years. Laptop users have shared some of the best tips to improve laptop lifespan that are proven to be very effective. From reducing consumption to choosing the right battery and the right laptop, there are many ways to get a laptop battery to last longer. 

  • Display Activities

Screensavers and screen brightness are among the most common reasons why batteries lose their charge pretty quickly, as they reduce the capabilities of said batteries with time. When people customize their snoozing laptop display to animated or slideshow screensaver or when they increase the brightness of their screens, that drains their batteries in almost no time and damages the laptop's battery very quickly. If one is looking to save their battery for longer periods, they should try to eliminate those kinds of displays and reduce the screen brightness to an acceptable level to get the most out of the battery life. 

  • Running Too Many Programs at Once

An important factor in determining how long a laptop battery lasts is whether or not you are overworking it by using too many software programs all at once. Having a large number of programs open or online tabs running all at the same time can be pretty hard on your laptop's battery, not to mention its entire software. To reduce the risk of any damage happening, make sure you ration your work and focus on working on just one or two programs at once. 

  • Overusing Your Device

People use their laptops differently. How frequent a person uses their laptop determines the battery life. For people who use their laptops only occasionally and shut it down for large periods of time, the battery life is bound to last longer, whereas people who use their laptops more frequently for their work can see shorter battery lives. If you're one of the latter, then it may be important to preserve your battery by allowing for power naps. This can be done by shutting down your laptops for even the shortest periods of time or giving it a little time to sleep so that it can save the battery for longer periods. 

  • Limited Space

A big factor affecting the lifespan of any laptop battery is how much storage there is on a laptop. If the laptop is overfilled with applications and programs crowding the software, the battery will last less time. However, if there is a large chunk of free space on your laptop, then the battery will most likely last longer and you'll get the added bonus of quick running software, which is also quite healthy for the battery. 

  • Using the Laptop in Different Weather Conditions

What many people can be unaware of is that different weather conditions can affect the life of any electronic device, especially laptop batteries. Extreme heat or cold can be quite damaging to any battery if you use it in such conditions. If you live in an area where weather can be extreme on either side of the spectrum, then make sure you use your laptop in rooms where temperatures can be moderate, so you don't drain or overwork your battery. 

  • Recharging Methods

More often than not, a battery's lifespan depends on how you recharge it. Making sure you recharge the battery when it absolutely needs charging can save your battery some unnecessary damage. Try not to keep the laptop always on charge so that the battery is not adapted to always being connected to electricity. 

  • Common Issues and Mistakes

There are a number of popular mistakes that some people make with their laptops that can lead to the drainage of their batteries and accordingly cause its short lifespan. Things like plugging in the laptops constantly to electricity thinking it benefits the battery is extremely unhealthy for batteries. Plugging it in between the 20% and 80% would give the battery its optimum capabilities. Some people also overestimate how much they can work with their laptops and put too much pressure on the software that it drains the battery so quickly. Following a routine with your laptops and its battery can be extremely beneficial and prolong the battery life. 

How Long Should a Laptop Battery Last?
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A laptop battery lifespan depends on a multitude of factors. From how much you use the laptop to how efficiently you charge its battery, all actions are done on the laptop influence the battery's life. When you use the laptop in a healthy manner and always keep a check on its battery, it is more likely to last longer and efficiently keep up with your usage. Therefore, make sure you use your laptop wisely and charge the battery correctly, so you can enjoy the laptop and its battery for as long as possible.

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