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By Staff Reporter , Jan 14, 2020 04:27 PM EST
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PowerPoint is a pivotal marketing tool. To create an impressive PPT presentation, you need a sense of personal style, design skills, and some technical literally. Now, to help you design the best PowerPoint presentation, we have come with a set of tips. If you follow these tips well, you are sure going to create an impactful PPT for your audience. So, let us get started and take a look at these tips.  

Keep it Simple

In the PowerPoint, your slides can have either Landscape or Horizontal orientation. PPT was designed to put forth the graphical information in a convenient manner. The idea behind was PPT holds power to supplement the presentation and support the speaker. Slides in the PowerPoint aren't made to steal the show. Sarah, who offers online assignment help states, that, the audience is interested in you, and not your slides. They want to be informed or moved by you as well as your message. So, your ability to present out the message and the message itself should be of topmost priority. As a presenter, you shouldn't ever get derailed by the slides. Never make your slides busy or complicated. On the whole, there shouldn't be anything extra in your slides. Every slide should have enough negative or white space. Do not try to fill up all the empty spaces in the slide with the unnecessary graphics, logos or text boxes. Keep clutter, as little as possible. It would make your message more powerful. 

Don't overdo the text and bullet points

The presentation is designed to impart information to the audience. So, don't bore the audience with unnecessary bullet points. Now, what about the text? You might find it insane, but some of the best slides have zero text in them. The basic rule of the thumb is, the slides are designed to support the narration of the speaker. Your presentation shouldn't be a replacement for you.

Limit builds and transitions

Roxy, who works with a platform that lets you buy custom college essays online, states, that, in a PPT the slide transitions and builds must be used judiciously. You don't have to include object builds in every slide. A little animation would suffice. Keep things professional and subtle. For transitions, do not use more than two to three transition effects in the slides. Not every slide must have transition effects. 

Include good quality graphics

Kylie, who did an excellent DigitalOcean review online, says, that, for a presentation, you must try and click (or create) your pictures. You can use a quality camera or a phone to click photographs for the presentation. It is ok to download pictures from the internet. However, when you download the images, opt for the ones that are free for use. Also, do not take a low-quality or a tiny-sized image and stretch it out. It would deteriorate the quality and pixelate it further. Lastly, you shouldn't ever use a PowerPoint Clip Art in a professional presentation. Everyone has seen these clip arts. Include something fresh or unique.  

Have a consistent visual theme

Your presentation should have a consistent visual theme. Include information that is unique or unknown to the audience. The PPT wouldn't interest the audience if the information imparted is redundant. Do not opt for a pre-packed or pre-designed theme or template. You should create your own PowerPoint Design Template. James, who offers online do my statistics homework service, states that, when you take requisite effort, the audience does acknowledge it. 

Include charts

When you prepare a presentation, ask yourself, 'How much detail is needed?' Do not go overboard with the data, especially in the charts. Be wise and present your data graphically to interest the audience. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you use charts: 

Bar Charts

Firstly, there are two types of bar charts.

  • Horizontal Bar Charts

  • Vertical Bar Charts

Horizontal Bar Charts

Use horizontal bar charts when you have to compare two or more quantities. For instance, if you have to compare the sales of the four regions, you'll use horizontal bar charts.

Vertical Bar Charts

Use Vertical Bar Charts when you have to depict quantity over time. You can use a min of 4 and a maximum of 8 bars in comparison. 

Line Charts 

You can use the line charts when you have to depict a trend over-time. So, when you have to present a sales trend, a line chart is used.

Pie Charts

Use Pie charts when you have to display percentage changes. You can dissect the pie in 6 parts and bring forth the contrast with the use of distinct colours. 

Generally speaking, tables do a good job in representing the quantitative data. Gargi, who works with PaperDoers, says, that, tables fail at a visceral level. Of course, a table does portray the information less dramatically. However, if you can do with a bar chart, it is recommended over a table.  

Include colour wisely

Have you ever pondered, what colour does to your presentation? Your choice of colour is going to make or break your presentation. A colour motivates and persuades the audience. Use of right colour can invoke the interest of the audience. It will also include the retention and learning comprehension of the viewers.

There are two types of colours:

  1. Warm Colours - Red and Orange

  2. Cool Colours - Green and Blue

You can use cool colours for the background and warm colours for the foreground objects like the text of the presentation. 

Use Fonts wisely

Kiara, who offers data science certification courses online, states, that, fonts hold the power to deliver subtle messages. So, you must choose your fonts intelligently. Use a single font, throughout the slide. In general, you shouldn't use over two fonts in a presentation. Irrespective of the font chosen by you, do ensure that your text is easy to read, even from the back of the room. 

So, these are the PowerPoint tips that you can include in your presentation. If you have more to add to the list, do let us know in the comments below.

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