These Are 5 of the Most Wanted IT Jobs in 2020

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A new year has come, which for most people translates to new beginnings and new ambitions. If you've ever thought of taking a different path in your life, or you're just getting started in the IT sector, you'll probably find it difficult to figure out what kind of job is right for you.

Therefore, in this article, we'll list some of the most wanted IT jobs in 2020, considering different factors such as: education, salary and job outlook.

Machine Learning Engineer

Given the fact that in the past few years the entire world seemed to be focused on automation, it's only natural to list the artificial intelligence jobs as the most wanted on the market. But those, of course, come with a price - intensive study is required, because of the vastness of the domains itself.  Luckily, there are numerous platforms out there that offer online courses on a large number of techy subjects, where people can get started or go deeper into IT subjects.

A day in the life of a machine learning engineer revolves around numerous Big Data concepts, such as: natural language processing (NLP), image or voice recognition or forecasting for different fields.

Software Engineer/Developer

The reason why software engineers and software developers will always be in high demand in the IT world is because these guys are able to get involved in almost every subject in the field. Therefore, if you've ever thought this job might be right for you, make sure you can easily adapt to changes and you're a versatile person. Whether it's a basic website, a mobile application or a large company project, a software engineer or a developer is ready to face them all. Of course, with this job, you don't earn as much as an AI expert, but you can definitely reach a six figure salary per year.

Data Scientist

More than 10 years ago, one of our biggest obstacles on the way to evolving in the tech world, was the lack of data. Nowadays, the amount of data that is available to us is so large, that there's an entire field in IT dedicated to data processing. The data has to go through cleaning, compiling and enhancing, before it can be used by a certain company in order to make decisions. Right now, the number of jobs that require data science skills is very high; and just like the amount of data in the world - it won't get lower any time soon.


IT Manager

If you think that a fully technical job is not the path that you want to take, and you're rather attracted to management jobs, IT is the best sector to pursue such a career. As an IT manager, you'll have to ensure your department is coordinated, your systems are always working and the skills in the team that you're managing are constantly improving. As we're talking about a management job in the tech industry, you should expect your yearly salary to go well into the six figure range.

Web Developer

These days, our lives revolve around using websites and web applications, which wouldn't be available to us without the hard work of web developers. This is not the kind of job in IT that sort of goes missing after a while, as it's partially responsible for the well functioning of the Internet. Even though when it comes to this job we're not talking about a six figure yearly salary anymore, the money is still well above the average, even for those who just got started.

Whether it's artificial intelligence, management, data science or good old developing, one thing's for sure - the IT sector is more alive and wanted than ever. Everybody seems to grab a job in a tech company these days, and if you've ever thought you'd belong in a similar environment, 2020 is the perfect time to get into it.

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