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Timothy Sykes has garnered a lot of attention from several people. A lot of these reactions have been positive, while others have been negative - this is based on the bold claims and flamboyant lifestyle he has always showcased. In this review, we will take a deep dive into his life and the training programs he has to offer. Via this review, you will come to a conclusion whether he is the real deal or another fishy scam artist. First and foremost, we will be uncovering the man himself, Timothy Sykes, also known as Tim Sykes.

Who is Tim Sykes? When one thinks of this name, one can instantaneously imagine the penny stock market. He is one of the first persons you will ever encounter when venturing into this world. His personality and brand has been centered around lauding his millionaire lifestyle. Regardless of your opinion about him, he has made a name for himself in this field. Tim has been a successful penny stock trader for over 20 years. One of his greatest feats is turning his Bar Mitzvah funds, speculated to be at $12,415, into $1.65 million before clocking 21 years of age. This was accomplished through day trading penny stocks. No other trader offering the same service has been able to beat him to it. Since that period, he has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Men's Journal, and many more; and has been hosted on Steve Harvey's and Larry King's reality TV shows. In addition to all these notable experiences, Tim Sykes has also published a book titled, "An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund."

As previously mentioned, Tim Sykes achieved his success via penny stocks trading. Nevertheless, he has also spread his tentacles to other types of stocks, most importantly earnings winners. His trading strategy is based on the use of technical analysis - that is, the use of stock charts. He also monitors news catalysts and paid promotions. In general, penny stocks are classified as shady assets. The reason for this is that a majority of these stocks are backed my unregulated phoney companies that incorporate the use of paid promotions to inflate stock prices. The moment promotions end, so does the values of the stocks. Tim and his team capitalize on these stocks and make their profits by short-selling them. To an extent, he has called out some of these fraudulent corporations operating the pump and dump schemes.

Tim Sykes's Mentorship Program And Price Plans

Tim Sykes launched the comprehensive trading and educational hub known as Profitly in 2010. There are three subscription training programs that are available for those who signup on Profitly. They include the Tim's Alerts, PennyStocking Silver, and the a-list Millionaire Challenge. The Tim's Alert has a price plan of $74.95 per month, while the PennyStocking Silver comes with a price plan of $149.95 per month, and finally the main training program - Tim's Millionaire Challenge - which has a price plan $5,000 per year. In total, they are less expensive - excluding the Millionaire Challenge - when compared to other companies offering similar services. There are a lot of subscribers on the platform, which implies that he doesn't need to charge high to make profits. For traders who are keen to get an in-depth understanding of the day trading education may achieve that via Watch Him Trade - a platform where one gets to watch Tim trade live each morning.

Tim Alerts

This is the basic of all the services offered on Tim's platform. With the Tim Alerts, you have access to daily watchlist, trade alerts, chatroom, and other push alerts. Seasoned traders would find this training program insightful; however, they won't have access to the next level up resources. For you to understand the materials embedded in this program, you need to be familiar with the terms and concepts of trading.

PennyStocking Silver

This program is ideal for newbies. It features Tim Alerts, access to over 6000 video lessons, and weekly video lessons. It may be overwhelming for first timers and some experts to go through these exhaustive content; nevertheless, each content is filled with unique insights. Moreover, Tim's educational content are simple and precise - ideal for those that are new to trading.

The Millionaire Challenge

This is a top-notch service that is offered on Tim's platform. With this training program comes everything in the PennyStocking Silver program, plus live webinars from Tim and his top students. As stated earlier on, it comes with an annual price plan of $5,000 - a substantial amount for newbies. However, there have been a lot of successful millionaire students on this program - some even surpassing Tim in trading profits. If you are truly committed to becoming a successful trader, this may be worth a shot. Besides, this program is not just for everyone as it requires an application and interview process. Only those who are truly disciplined, dedicated and focus towards achieving their trading goals can be allowed on this program. If you feel this is not for you, there is still the PennyStocking Silver which you can be a part of. However, if you think that you are cut out for the Millionaire Challenge, you can start with a monthly subscription plan and check out your results at the end of the month.

Tim Sykes chatroom can be accessed on Profitly by students on any of these training programs. It may not be easy to access Tim Sykes as he is online taking significant trades on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there are other moderators such as Michael Goode in the chatroom that you can engage with whatever questions or suggestions you have. Michael Goode is also one of Tim Sykes's students and a successful millionaire trader. 

Since there are several students on the chatroom, it is quite noisy there - especially with the new traders that are added constantly. However, you can set a filter for just posts from the moderator, if you do not want all that noise. As a new trader or one with a level of experience, Tim's services are ideal for you as you stand to gain a lot and improve your trading career. If you wish to know more on how to get started with any of his programs, please visit this link:

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