WWDC 2013: 'Where a whole new world's developing' banner gives hints to what's coming

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be taking place in a few days from now, and the company has already started decking the halls of Moscone Center (West) with banners for the event. The new banners have a message of "Where a whole new world is developing" and in typical Apple form, there are potential clues inside the banner that might shed some light on what we're about to see.

Apple enjoys teasing the public when it sends out invites for upcoming product launches. It likes to insert some kind of clue to get all the tech sites talking about what might be hidden in the message. We saw it when Apple sent out invites for the iPhone 5 event, where the September 12 date had the number 5 reflected, seeming to confirm that the next iPhone would be called the iPhone 5.

We've spotted the banners being hung in the Moscone Convention Center as Apple begins preparing for its June 10 event, and true to form, Apple has included a tag line and images that could provide some insight on what the company plans on announcing that day. The banner shows what could be perceived as the new flat interface that is expected to debut with the redesign of iOS 7 - it shows what appears to be the icon shapes currently found in iOS, but the icons are flat in appearance and in various translucent colors stacked on top of each other. Could Apple's new icon design and an iOS 7 feature allow users to stack and group icons while still allowing users to easily see the icons behind them? Apple's WWDC 2013 logo also shows color translucent icons stacked upon each other. This is pure speculation, but Apple is rumored to redesign iOS 7 in a way that will still feel familiar to the millions of users that already use its mobile operating system.

Apple's WWDC 2013 banner also reads, "Where a whole new world's developing." It's pretty safe to assume that new world is iOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9. Apple is counting on its developer community to help shape that world with new applications, once Apple releases both the new operating systems and their APIs to developers at the conference.

Besides iOS 7, Apple will also show Mac OS X 10.9 to the world for the first time at the conference. The new operating system for the Mac is also rumored to use many of the same design elements and some features found in iOS 7 now that Jony Ive is in charge of both operating systems. The conference is only a few days away and it will be interesting to see what Apple's "new world" looks, feels, and acts like when it is shown off by Tim Cook and the rest of Apple's team. We'll be covering the event to bring you all the latest news from WWDC 2013. So stay tuned.

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