How Time Clock Software is Taking Over

By Staff Reporter , Feb 03, 2020 11:00 AM EST
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As time passes and technology advances, things change-especially the way that we do business. From email and file transfer to cloud computing and social media marketing, the world of business has undergone some pretty significant transformation in recent years. And whether you're a tech whiz or computer novice, it's nearly impossible to navigate the everyday ins and outs business without using some kind of technology. 

In particular, the administrative components of business have been largely digitalized, saving us more time and money than, perhaps, ever before. For instance, how we track time and attendance now is nearly unrecognizable from the way we did it 20-or even 10-years ago, thanks to time clock software. In this article, we're going to be breaking down time clock software and analyzing how it can impact your day-to-day life in the workplace. 

What is time clock software?

So, before we dive in deeper, first thing's first: What is time clock software? In basic terms, time clock software is a web-based form of timekeeping that allows employees to clock in and out on any Internet-connected device (e.g., desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). This means that, because time clock software uses cloud technology and only requires Internet connection to function, business owners who want to upgrade their manual time-tracking system don't need to buy and install any new equipment. 

How does time clock software work?

Part of what makes time clock software so convenient is that it's a highly customizable form of business technology. A great example of this can be found in one of the most preliminary features of time clock software: the login method. Most time clock software providers offer a couple of different types of login methods, the most common of which are entering a username and password, scanning a QR code, or even using facial recognition by snapping a photo. 

Benefits of Time Clock Software

Like most forms of business technology, time clock software has a long list of benefits. And from cutting down on wasted time to increased accuracy on timesheets, these advantages can improve a business in more ways than one-not just for the employer but for their employees, too. 

Even if you're not willing to not a tech person, most time clock service providers prioritize making their products as user-friendly as possible so that everyone can use them.  Image courtesy of Pixabay

Faster, easier clocking in and out

Convenience is a major benefit of time clock software. With it, clocking in and out will take a matter of seconds, allowing employees to come in and get straight to work. And, as we mentioned before, they'll be able to clock in and out on any Internet-connected device, further heightening the software's convenience. 

Accuracy and Security

Manually tracking time just isn't as accurate as doing it digitally. Inaccuracies on your timesheets might be small, but over time, they'll inevitably begin to add up, costing your company. Time clock software maximizes accuracy, resulting in as few errors on your timesheets as possible. Additionally, you can customize your time clock software's settings to boost security when it comes to time theft and potential dishonesty. For instance, you can choose a more individualized login method-like assigned QR codes or facial recognition-to prevent buddy punching. 


In addition to being incredibly flexible, time clock software is also super versatile. And as the software continues to evolves, it's only going to keep getting better. Additional features like GPS tracking, scheduling tools, automated reporting, and PTO calculations make time clock software far more dexterous than a standard time clock, meaning that an investment in time clock software is sure to pay off in no time. 


Nowadays, it seems like there's a software or program for everything, especially in terms of business logistics. This means that most companies have an array of software and tools that they use to complete a wide range of tasks. But when it comes to business software, you aren't really getting the most out of your office tech unless you can use individual programs in coordination with one another. For this reason, time clock software can be integrated with a number of other types of software, including payroll, scheduling, billing, and more. 

Time is of the essence! 

In a world where the next "big thing" is always on its way, you might feel reluctant to invest in the newest forms of business technology. And while that can be smart in some cases, it can really hold you back in others, like with the instance of time clock software. You've probably heard this a million times, but that doesn't stop it from being true: Time is money-and with time clock software, you can save some of both. What's not to love about that?

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