4 Ways Aspect WFM Cloud v19 Can Enhance Your Enterprise Contact Center

4 Ways Aspect WFM Cloud v19 Can Enhance Your Enterprise Contact Center
Photo : 4 Ways Aspect WFM Cloud v19 Can Enhance Your Enterprise Contact Center

Managing a contact center means dealing with an endless number of working parts. From tracking shifts and changes to watching sales numbers grow or decline, managing operations and adjusting for minute changes takes software that can keep pace.

Aspect Software's new Workforce Management (WFM) Cloud v19 can help. Keep reading to learn how its advanced features and scaling capabilities can enhance your enterprise contact center.

1. Improve Your Scheduling and Forecasting Capabilities

One of the biggest improvements in the new WFM Cloud v19 is its enhanced scheduling and forecasting tools. The ability to take greater control of managing your schedule in one place, including making appointments, setting meetings and meeting deadlines, means not having to juggle several different applications to do so. This means a lower risk of missing an important item on your calendar.

Better scheduling management also equals greater control over forecasting. The ability to look ahead and predict sales and bookings can help you better manage your budget, plan for inventory and more.

2. Track Operations and Shifts in Real-Time

The WFM Cloud v19 doesn't just help you plan ahead, it also helps you better manage day-to-day operations within your business with ease. The new software allows for real-time intra-day tracking. You can see who is working which shift, where shift trades have been made, check out sales data and more, all in real-time throughout the day.

And because everything is on the cloud, you don't need to be in the office to access this data. This means the ability to manage your business operations from anywhere.

3. Run as Many "What-If" Scenarios as You'd Like

"What-if" scenarios are key to scaling a business, planning a budget or estimating future success. Unfortunately, running just one or two of these scenarios won't help you get an accurate picture of what the future of your business looks like.

You need to be able to run multiple scenarios that change based on different characteristics. For instance, you might not know how a new product or service you're launching is going to be received. Running scenarios for a super successful launch, a mild launch or an unsuccessful launch can help you better estimate how your business might grow or what you may need to do to recover following a failure. You can then hire or scale back hiring in your contact center in anticipation of these changes as they are happening, rather than scrambling to make changes after one of the scenarios has played out.

4. Software That Grows With You

One of the biggest challenges of finding the right management software solutions for your business is choosing an option that can grow with you. Too many software options are designed to fit the needs of a specific size business; small business solutions that help cut costs and allow for some growth or those designed for larger corporations that need more power and tools.

Aspect WFM Cloud v19 is different. It's designed to grow as your business does. While it can help small operations function, it can also scale and support contact centers with more than 5,000 agents. Nearly 75 percent of people have reached out to a business via a call center. Keeping up with demand as your business grows means having the ability to grow your contact center.

Using WFM Cloud v19 to Enhance Your Enterprise Contact Center

The cloud-based contact center market is projected to scale to a $20.9 billion industry by 2022. Keeping up with this growth means finding the right software solutions for your business.

The WFM Cloud v19 is designed to enhance your enterprise contact center by allowing you to better manage your staff, project "what-if" scenarios, grow your operations and more.

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