The Top Tech Trends of the New Decade

By Staff Reporter , Feb 07, 2020 02:49 PM EST

Do you consider yourself a techie? From hoverboards to space shuttles and wearable microchips, many of us will have had big dreams growing up of what the future might look like. While we might still be waiting on a few of those technological advances, it's undeniable that we've come a long way.

Look at the rise of smart home products in the 2010s, for example. PWC estimated that we'd spend as much as £10.8bn on smart home devices in 2019, and that trend is only likely to continue into the next decade as we strive for greater energy and time efficiency.

But what else can we expect? Here are the top tech trends set to define the 2020s.

Public space exploration

Our return to space has been predicted for some time now, and both NASA and SpaceX are aiming to settle on the moon and even Mars by the end of the decade. Space exploration may not be limited to astronauts, however, with various companies promising to take tourists on galactic adventures too.   

Of course, this privilege will be limited to the super-rich at first - but it's not beyond the realms of possibility that we could all soon be enjoying weekends away that are out of this world.

Innovative public transport

Many governments and organisations are searching for ways to encourage the use of public transport and reduce our environmental impact. With rising commuting times across the UK, however, we're crying out for better solutions - and this could be the decade we finally get them.

With bullet trains already commonplace in countries such as Japan, it's the Hyperloop concept that's perhaps most exciting. These high-speed sealed tubes are set for construction between Abu Dhabi and Dubai first - but watch this space.    

Electric vehicles  

Interest in electric vehicles finally began to overtake that for petrol hybrids in 2019. Though you may want to consider your financial options to cover the initial outlay, their cost is expected to repay itself over time - and many manufacturers have set targets to go hybrid or all-electric within the next few years.

This shift will have a dramatic impact on our roadsides too, as fuel stations are gradually swapped out for charging points.  

Mass automation

Do you fear the possibility of being replaced by a robot? While that may be an extreme eventuality, automation is expected to further take over this decade as technology becomes faster and more efficient than humans at a whole variety of tasks.

Self-driving vehicles disrupting the transportation industry is just one example among many. The global labour market may well look very different in ten years' time - making now a good time to broaden your skillset.

Where do you hope technology takes us to this decade?

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