Eight Must-Have Tools to Keep Your Car Out of Garage

By Staff Reporter , Feb 07, 2020 02:55 PM EST
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We all dread taking our car to a garage for repairs. We might just want to avoid the inconvenience of being off the road or maybe the costs associated, which can even lead to knock-on effects on things like our holiday plans.

Even something as basic as changing a tyre seems beyond many Brits nowadays, especially among the younger generations, but learning a few DIY skills could save you some serious cash - and you'll need these tools at your disposal.


If you want to make quick and efficient running repairs to your motor, a torque wrench will help you take areas apart with ease. You'll still want a set of spanners, such as this range from RS Components, with a breaker bar for removing the nuts on your wheels. Using a torque wrench for this job could mess up the settings for good.


You will need pliers to get into several nooks and crannies, while you will also require wire cutters for jobs involving electrical elements like stereo repairs and for changing headlights.


Jobs involving the electronics will also call for the use of several different screwdrivers. Flat-head tools will prove useful for prising open interior bodywork, and don't forget that you may need smaller heads for the little screws involved.

Ramps and jacks

You will need to get underneath your car to fix many things, especially if you are getting into the engine or the transmission. Ramps may be safer than jacks for extensive repairs. Remember you must use jacks with jack supports to guarantee your safety.


As fiddly and intricate as some jobs can be, sometimes you just need to smack things really hard. Dents to the bodywork can be reversed with a bit of brute force, while some tricky-to-remove nuts and fastenings might also benefit from a thump.

Battery carrier

Extracting and carrying a car battery is no easy feat - they're much heavier than you might imagine and tricky to extricate. Get to grips with them properly with this tool, which is an affordable time-saver.

Hood light

You don't want to start a job in the afternoon, only to have to curtail your fixes when the sun goes down. Clip one of these bad boys to the hood and you'll be able to work through all times of the day, enabling you to get back on the road quicker.

Flexible funnel

Not all areas where you change oils and liquids are easy to reach at the top of the engine compartment. A funnel with a flexible hose attachment will help you avoid spillages.

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