Best Car Applications for 2020

There are apps for everything these days and car apps are also popping up like mushrooms. You can rent a car, buy a car, sell a car, fix a car, find cheap gas, a parking spot and a charging station - all with the help of the right application. However, smartphones don't have unlimited space, unfortunately, so you have to decide what you need and what is worth having. Since 2020 has already begun, maybe it would be good to check what's trending right now.

1.    Waze - best live traffic app. It gathers details directly from users so it's always real-time information.

2.   Fixdapp - best car diagnostic app. It requires a sensor to work with, but it's an investment worth making. Check over here to find more details.

3.   GasBuddy - best gas price app. It also gets information from its users who can update the prices at any time.

4.   Parkopedia Parking - best parking spot locating app. It works in over 8,000 cities around the world which makes it one of the best parking apps available.

5. - best car-buying app. Whether you're looking for a used or a new car, this app provides you with all the necessary information about sellers in your area and features of their vehicles.

6.   Drive Mode - best phone mode app. It allows you to use your phone with one simple touch and then you can reply to messages, play music and make calls, all with voice commands, without the dangerous need to take your eyes off the road.

7.   Sygic - best navigational app. It shows you the road and directions in 3D which makes it easier to follow. You also get information about traffic, the cheapest gas stations and parking lots.

To know more about cars and apps, see this infographic:

Best Car Applications for 2020
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