Fitness Expert, Jolene Cherry, Explains How to Build Good Fitness Habits Using Tech

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The average New Years' resolution carries an expiration date of nineteen days. That means it is currently well into drought season for fitness regime goals. Is it possible to revive the excitement that comes with entering the gym on day one?

Oregon based certified and experienced yoga instructor and personal trainer Jolene Cherry knows when building good fitness habits seem more like carrying a burden, turning to technology can help lighten the load. Cherry explores several different technology gizmos and gadgets to keep in mind when the initial burst of fitness motivation runs dry.

Drink It

 What better way to solve a fitness drought than with water? A great and straightforward health habit of starting is drinking quality H20. Hydration aids the body even before the gym by improving cardiovascular health, increasing energy, cutting hunger, averting headaches, supporting the movement of joints, rinse out toxins, and also clearing skin. People are creatures of habit, and it is good to start with establishing small healthy practices such as drinking water so that later, larger fitness goals can be achievable.

A new purchase to assist with frequent water drinking is a smart water bottle. The suggested water intake for the average human is eight glasses a day. Smart water bottles not only help keep count of the amount consumed, but they also provide a friendly and motivating reminder via light or vibration when the world becomes a distraction from water drinking goals.

Download It


There is an app for everything, and reviving and maintaining fitness habits are included in the mix. The app world knows that all humans' makeup is different, and fitness lifestyles are subject to that fact. That is why there are significant apps such as BodBot and Noom that identify with what workouts fit best with the uniqueness of an individual's body as well as offer one-on-one personal trainers.

Social media apps such as Facebook are useful when looking for a motivating community to hold accountability. The extra needed push to make it another day on your fitness journey can come from encouraging words or shared tips on how not to give up from the support of peers working towards the same goal.


Wear It


Tell more than time with wearable technology such as a smartwatch. Time can fly during the day between work, friends, and family, and sometimes fitting a spin class in seems impossible. Smartwatches such as the Apple Watch and the Garmin Instinct can track your steps and heart health to make it easier not to give up on healthy fitness habits.

With multiple helpful types of technology to turn to when fitness goals start to fade, choosing the right one for the job is essential. Before loading up an Amazon shopping cart or opening the app store, address the obstacles that make fitness habits come and go. Learning how to overcome barriers is primary for creating balance to sustain good fitness habits. As a passionate health advocate, Jolene Cherry believes that striking a balance in health goals, as well as in life, is the key to wellbeing.

About Jolene Cherry: Jolene Cherry is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer based in Oregon. She excels in a variety of yoga styles, especially Vinyasa Yoga, traditional Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, as well as meditation-oriented Yin Yoga. While it's important to exercise your body, you must also exercise your mind to find harmony, and be careful about what you eat to fuel both your body and your mind - this is Jolene's guiding principle in everything she does.

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